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As a disclaimer, I am not formally trained or an expert in Social Media; but rather a restorer and educator who recognizes the power of the digital world in which we operate. There is great opportunity to build relationships, show your expertise, establish credibility and more if we harness the power.
Some are intimidated by the social scene or struggle with consistently delivering quality content; however, inspiration is everywhere. With a little self-study, and tips like this R&R article by Katie Harris, Successfully Marketing Your Restoration Company on Social Media , you and your team can become a content machine. 

To begin consider the following: 
Keep content top of mind: It may be advice that people ask you as a restorer, a news broadcast, or an article that catches your attention. When you keep your need for quality content top of mind, it presents itself everywhere you turn. 

Read the full article  here  and read all of Lisa's monthly articles  here
Tip For Your Success:
The Power of Social Media Analytics
Marketers spend hours creating captivating content to keep their audiences engaged on social media, but how do they know what to do to keep their viewers coming back? Tracking your social media analytics can help you with this by revealing valuable information that you can use to strategize where to focus your marketing efforts. For example, if the data that you collect shows that your business receives more activity on your Facebook account than on Twitter, you know to direct your marketing efforts to the former.

Another important factor to consider to help maximize audience engagement is that there are "best times" to post on Facebook. For instance, according to Hootsuite , a social media management system, the best times to post on Facebook are between 12 pm and 3 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and from 12 pm to 1 pm on the weekends. To learn more about optimal times to post on various social media channels click here

Watch the video above to see our Director of Public Relations, Angela Cremer, give the ESCA Blast m arketing team tips on how to use analytics to track their growth on social media. 
Partner Connection:
On April 12 th Jeff Paduano , President and Owner of  ESCA Blast came to Restoration Technical Institute to teach a class on Media Blasting. The course covered different types of media blasting and their applications and techniques for restoration, including dry ice, soda, vapor and laser blasting methods.

During this class, we captured before and after pictures and used them to create a simple infographic shown above. This visual helps us demonstrate the effectiveness of the media blasting techniques used on the rusty vice because it successfully portrays the transformation of the object from dirty to clean. The reason that before and after pictures make such enticing content is that they are able to showcase services in a glance. This is important because your business only has a few seconds to engage audience attention and our brains are hardwired to process im ages much faster than text. To learn more about how to capture your viewer's attention click here to read more.
Technology Connection:
Let iRestore Help To Manage The Chaos
We are built by restorers, for restorers.
We exist to empower individuals with the resources they need to be effective and successful in their service to others.

We are a comprehensive all-in-one tool. Our quick and simple reporting features are accessible anytime, anywhere, with a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that will help build relationships and to grow your business.
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