Generosity of Community
So far, 2020 has shown our local community that we have what it takes to endure the unknown and to rise to the challenge. With the quarantine and regular activities being suspended, our donors and families found a way to keep going. Everyone has discovered a generosity of spirit that is breathtaking to behold. Read on to discover these inspirational stories, share them with your networks and be inspired to donate to Family Promise during the week of October 18-25.
Thanks for the Mulligan!
Being able to once again have your own place to call home is what YOU help our families do. What an amazing community of supporters we have! In spite of our in-person golf event being cancelled our sponsors, golfers and supporters rallied together to raise over $27,000! A recent graduate during the pandemic says 'THANKS FOR THE MULLIGAN!'
Thanks for the new ride!
Public transportation in Cobb County is an ongoing issue and remains a challenge for families to go to work and to get children to daycare and school activities. We have wonderful partners who try to work with our families on auto repair, like Massey Automotive. But, what happens when repairs make no economic sense?

Thankfully, FPCC has an additional partnership with Charity Cars, based in Florida. Charity Cars is trying to ease the process for individuals to donate their cars to families in need. Through this program, a Family Promise of Cobb County guest received the keys to her new car, "John Henry". Margaret Shaw, the car's former owner and member of St. Catherine's Episcopal Church was on hand to do the honors. The two were able to talk through all of "John Henry's" quirks, and our FPCC guest was able to set aside a modest amount of money for any unexpected repairs that may pop up during the next year of automobile ownership.
Thanks for hosting families
One of the cornerstones of the Family Promise model is the relationship built between volunteer and guest during hosting. Like everyone, FPCC also faced the challenge of how to provide housing safely for families and volunteers alike, but keep a way for a relationship to be built. We have developed non-contact protocols for hosting families at congregation sites and were delighted to be one of the only Family Promise affiliates in the country to return to congregational hosting. Transfiguration Catholic Church, St. Catherine's Episcopal Church, and St. Andrews UMC have all successfully hosted one or two families at their locations. Volunteers used technology to stay in touch with the families and were able to stay connected with the guests.

Other hosting congregations who have not been able to host have generously covered the hotel bill and meals for our Rotational Shelter program. In addition, many of the volunteers wrote letters of encouragement to the families, offering needed words of support for them.
Our three transitional homes - The Promise House, The Giving House and The Zion House of Blessings have all remained fully occupied during this time. Volunteers have provided gas cards, gift cards and continued to provide in kind donations for the families. We are so grateful to our volunteers for finding a way to have meaningful contact within our safety protocols.
 Thankful for our G.R.A.C.E. program
Our Graduate Resources and Continuing Education Program, G.R.A.C.E., is designed for families who have left our housing programs. This effort is designed to continue to grow family life skills. We are grateful to have volunteers and congregations who provide child care and space to meet and a grant from the East Cobb Rotary to help with additional support.

This year started in person with speaker, Ivy Grant, VP of Customer Care with Walmart. Ivy helped our graduates work on identifying their “hard” and “soft" skills in order to develop a personal statement that they could share as a 30 second elevator speech. 

As we switched to virtual meetings, we were fortunate to have Amber Davis, an Educator as a speaker. Amber provided tips and resources for our parents navigating their children's virtual learning.

Our most recent speaker was Christine Triebsch, member of East Cobb Rotary and local family law attorney. Chris had our graduates fully engaged and was dubbed 'best speaker of the year'!
Family Promise Week October 18 - 25
This Sunday, October 18th kicks off Family Promise Week 2020. This annual event is an opportunity for us to join with our fellow Affiliates of Family Promise National to raise funds for and awareness of the crisis of family homelessness.

This will be a week-long campaign for donations and awareness. Please donate to help us sustain our vital work all year long. You can also help by sharing our newsletter with friends and family, and following our social media platforms, liking, commenting and sharing our posts! Keep an eye out next week for more news on Family Promise Week.

Are you ready to make your donation now? Click the link to our donate page.
Family Promise Week is the perfect time to help us replenish some of our items. We are currently in need of dishes, silverware, pots & pans, towels, comforters and sheets (queen or twin). We accept gently used or new. Feel free to drop off at our Day Center any time during the week of October 19 - 23, 9 am to 4 pm.
Please continue to keep our FPCC families and our staff in your prayers. We continue to find new ways to help those in our community who are struggling. We are grateful for our community of volunteers and donors that are so generous with their time, talent and financial resources.
Family Promise of Cobb County is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Your gifts are tax deductible.