Special Issue: COVID Update
August 13, 2021

FDA authorizes extra vaccine doses for immunocompromised patients to bolster protection against the coronavirus
The Food and Drug Administration action means additional shots might be available as soon as this weekend
With much anticipation and transplant patient concerns, the news coming out today is that the FDA has approved booster vaccine shots for the immunosuppressed community.

Still more details on exactly how that will happen are expected to come out of another meeting today (Friday).

While there will no doubt be many messages coming out today about this news, TRIO felt it important to at least share the linked Washington Post article below despite the still developing information we are all anxiously awaiting.

A few summary takeaways from this article:
> 3rd booster shots may be available as soon as tomorrow (Saturday)
> much is still unknown while research tries to find factual information
(including whether that 3rd shot should be the same make as the first two, the antibody response in our transplant community, how our immune system overall is affected, risk of organ rejection with increased immune activation, and much more)
> strong advice continues to be to check with your transplant team since we are each unique individuals and they know us best
> and of course, continue to practice all the COVID prevention practices especially wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and staying out of crowds

Read the full Washington Post article at:
TRIO will continue to follow this developing story with SPECIAL TRIO E-News issues as more information becomes available, so stay tuned.
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