It’s hard to live in the same bubble with the same person for almost a year and not lose your shit occasionally! We all need relationship maintenance from time-to-time.

Date nights work!

Join us to take date night to a whole new level of intimacy.

Put a movie on for the kids, make space and join us in a fun and authentic way to create real quality time with each other. 

------In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

-----------• Connect Deeply
-----------• Rekindle your Love
-----------• Celebrate Differences
-----------• Strengthen Bonds

February 14
4:30-6 ET
$35 per couple

This workshop is live and online - but you need to be with your partner in the same room able to touch and with space to move. 

------You’ll need: 
-----------• A set up where you can both be seen online
-----------• Two yoga mats (wide-edge, side-by-side) or non-slip floor
-----------• Pillows or cushions for sitting (one for each)
-----------• Enough space for both partners to move with arms
-----------• Comfortable clothing that moves with your body