Issue No. 157  |  Mar. 28, 2019
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
Mueller 调查报告说了啥?As for Chinese reporting on the report - it didn't create waves in Chinese media as it did here. But to review how to say "collusion" and "Russiagate" in Chinese, check out the articles below.

俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
ruò ròu qiáng shí

Meaning: The weak are meat, the strong do eat; the law of the jungle.

Original: "我们要秉持共同、综合、合作、可持续的新安全观,摒弃冷战思维、零和博弈的旧思维,摒弃 弱肉强食 的丛林法则...”

Xi Jinping used this chengyu in his closing remarks at the EU-China summit on March 26, 2019.
Event Tomorrow

Last chance to join us tomorrow Friday, March 29 , from 2-3pm at the Stimson Center for a presentation ( in Chinese ) from Su Chih-Hsuan (蘇志軒), a specialist from Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense and visiting fellow at CSIS, on the  Taiwan Relations Act and the future of U.S.-Taiwan relations .  

Video of the Week
Ash is the Purest White (2019) is a critically acclaimed Chinese film now playing in select theaters in the U.S.
A New York Times review summarizes it as: "Love Smolders and Crime Pays in a Changing China."
Quiz Time!
Test your knowledge of what the State Council (国务院) has been up to since January. The correct answers to the questions - revealed by a cartoon proctor - are more telling than whatever you may score.

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