The world we know is now different as we continue to adapt to the impact of COVID-19. In changing times, virtual support and online resources become an integral component of our service framework. We recently released a new lesson plan on COVID-19 and offer three lesson plans to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Children need, more than ever, relevant information in their day-to-day learning opportunities at home or school. This year, we utilized a hybrid approach for our annual Family Weekend Retreats, with Zoom videos and live chat options. It was a success, indicating that families are adapting, as well, to this new "normal." The educational landscape may be fluid and changing, but it is cementing our resolve and readiness to support you, your students, or your deaf child. Please do  let us know  how we can help.
New Current Events Lesson Plans
Learn 20 new vocabulary terms in both sign language and English. Show students the importance of hand washing with a fun "Hand Hygiene" experiment. Read "A Kids Book about COVID-19" by Malia Jones and watch the ASL translation . Plus, find more activities, such as a gratitude journal to practice mindfulness or a COVID-19 time capsule, included in this COVID-19 lesson plan .
Child's Drawing of a Brown Skinned I Love You sign with the words "I Have a Dream"
As #BlackLivesMatter takes center stage in our global community, we recognize that eradicating social injustice begins with listening and learning. Be sure to check out these lesson plans:
We're already gearing up for 2021 summer camp, but we want YOU to tell us what programs YOU like. What are you interested in? Take this survey and let us know! Parents and professionals, please share this with your deaf or hard of hearing child or student. It's going to be a fabulous 2021 summer camp.
Serving Families Virtually
Family Weekend Retreat
More than two hundred parents and professionals joined our first virtual Family Weekend Retreat (FWR) Eleven presenters provided excellent presentations, full of information and resources. Children didn't miss the fun with online sessions and hands-on activities. Deaf and hard of hearing teens participated in a reflections session to share their experiences on growing up deaf.

Access to the presentations remains open until July 15. Don't wait to sign-up .
Family Signs
Fifty years of combined experience! Our Family Signs instructors are professionals with a background in sign language or deaf education. In our annual June meeting via Zoom, we met to share strategies for supporting both English and Spanish-speaking families this summer.

Contact us to start sign language classes. Stay safe, enjoy time with your families, and keep signing!
Sign Language Course on Outdoor Ethics
Flyer about Leave No Trace 101 workshop for deaf hoh people.
Have you wanted to learn more about low-impact camping or hiking? This "Leave No Trace" course covers seven principles, ethics and skills to protect the outdoors with a deaf, signing outdoor educator. Course is suitable for ages 14 and up.

Join us online. Find more information here at Leave No Trace .
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