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We are excited to offer an amazing day of
Stewardship training led by
RICHARD FELTON of the TENS organization.     
This training will equip you and your leadership team with the steps needed to create a culture of true biblical stewardship fueled by generosity.
It is through an understanding of stewardship and a practice of gratitude and generosity that we will grow spiritually.

Visit to register today!

TENS user id:matthew
password: five:16

Oh God, in your infinite generosity you have created a world with resources to sustain all of your children with abundance of food, work and recreation. Help us to let our light shine so brightly the whole world can witness your glory. In the name of Jesus, we pray.

Join Congregational Development as we learn with ChurchNext together.
"Introducing Stewardship with Kristine Miller"
This class addresses our shyness about stewardship and encourages us with practical and effective strategies. The class should take about 50 minutes to complete. Join our free online group class 10am on July 1st.
Congregational Development offers :

  • Training sessions on Saturdays

  • Spiritual retreats

  • Nurtures growth by working with your specific parish

  • Important networking opportunities

  • Relationship & partnership building throughout the diocese

  • Training within each deanery
The office of Congregational Development in the Diocese of Southeast Florida!
Congregational development involves discovering the gifts already existing within the congregation and the needs in the community and bringing these two together in order to more fully make the transforming love of Jesus Christ known to all people.

Is your parish ready for RenewalWorks!
6 parishes have completed the journey, now we are looking for our next 6 excited
about spiritual renewal.
Join the office of
Congregational Development
as we experience

Congregational Development is offering a limited number of $500/per parish scholarships to help
cover costs.
Cost : $150 (travel/lodging not included)
Monday, September 30 –
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Hosted by St. James’ Parish | Wilmington, NC
& The Diocese of East Carolina

Leading for Discipleship in Episcopal congregations can be challenging. It can feel lonely. With that in mind, we hope you will join us for a gathering of clergy and lay leaders, especially appropriate for those who have participated in the RenewalWorks process. We will come together for deeper learning about discipleship, as we support each other in the effort to build cultures of discipleship in Episcopal Church.

The TryTank Experimental Lab offers a much-needed inventive approach to the challenges facing the Episcopal Church. TryTank will work to understand the forces threatening the church in order to identify creative ways to equip future leaders to reinvigorate the church.

“We are re-committing ourselves to Jesus’ call for discipleship which means, quite plainly, church growth, not decline. This takes partnership and innovation.” 

“Any time we have asked ourselves, ‘what if’ as we do and are church, those are opportunities to explore and try, we are going to be doing a lot of that. And we know we’re going to fail. A lot. But that’s how we can discover new possibilities, by trying.”

Congregational Development
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