November 1, 2019

When Hannah LeFevre replied to a Consultant Forum post about ideas for a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, she received so many questions about the fabulous 12 Days giveaway she had done in 2018, I had to check it out. When I connected with her, I learned that Hannah not only had incredible participation, she had her highest sales ever in November 2018 which was about double her average monthly sales!

She bought almost all of the giveaway products with L’BRI credits earned from self-hosted parties and promotions. I encourage you to spend some time reviewing the ideas from Hannah below. Her hope is to inspire you to do your own type of fun giveaway to create interest and engagement within your own customer Facebook group. The products you give away and how you do your drawings is entirely up to you.

Hannah has generously shared her 12 giveaway images plus a collage with the Grand Prize in the middle. We have posted these for you in the Learning Center > Media Gallery > Holiday 2019 Images. You can use her images or create your own for your 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

Hannah’s final encouragement: “Give this a try! Be yourself and have fun, even be silly. Offer giveaways within your budget and in a style that is uniquely you.”

Thank you so much, Hannah for generously sharing your successful holiday giveaway ideas that are included in the article below!


Use these tips to plan your own 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS success! 

Love to hear from you!

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