So many people have asked, what can we do to support our new Ukrainian friends at Christmas? Here are ways to help them & Ukraine itself.

Click the button below to sign up to buy Christmas gifts to

our Ukrainian friends at PCW.


Click the button below to buy much-needed power banks for Ukraine's first responders through

USA with Ukraine’s Amazon wish list


Buy warm clothes to be shipped to Ukraine


Christmas gifts for our Ukrainian refugees should be dropped off to the church by Sunday, December 18th.  There will be a marked box on the welcome desk where gifts can be deposited. Please sign your name on the list next to the box when you drop off your gift so we can keep track of which items have been fulfilled.

Mariia & the Kovalovs ask you to support Ukrainians during this Christmas season.

Read below for how you can help.

We are partnering with an organization, USA with Ukraine, which is located here in the Cincinnati metro area, who collects donations and ships items to Ukraine to help provide power banks to Ukrainians.

Due to widespread power outages, and low inventory of critical supplies in the region, collecting items here in the USA to send to Ukraine provides much needed support.

There is a great need for power banks to extend the battery life of cell phones and other devices. This is particularly important for fire fighters and other first responders. Mariia’s cousin has been sending photos and updates about the life of firefighters in Kharkiv which you saw in the video above. Firefighters are working 48 hour shifts to put out fires caused by bombs. Many times their lives are in danger due to Russia targeting locations where they think firefighters will be responding. Having batteries for their devices allows them better communication to coordinate their response efforts.

You can purchase power banks and other supplies

for first responders through USA with Ukraine’s amazon wish list

by clicking on button below


You can search the wish list by putting “power” in the search box and the power banks will show up. When you check out, make sure to click “USA with Ukraine's Gift Registry Address” as the shipping address. Also, feel free to select any other item on their Wishlist as all supplies listed are in great need. 

If you would like to receive a giving statement for items purchased on the USA with Ukraine wishlist for your tax purposes, you must include your name and e-mail address as part of your gift message. 

We are also organizing a drive to focus on items to help with the cold and lack of power in Ukraine for children and elderly. We are specifically requesting

1)    Children’s pajamas and/or thermal underwear of any size. Feel free to include new, warm socks. Please put them in a large Ziplock bag. If you have a child who would like to draw a card to include that is welcome, but not required. 

2)    Adult sized thermal underwear

3)    Coats, sweaters, or fleece of any size, child or adult (These should be in good condition, but do not need to be new)

4)    Hand warmers 

These donations can be dropped off at the church Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until noon or Sundays if you are attending worship or a program. The church office will be closed from December 26th through Janaury 2nd. We will be collecting items until January 10th. Please place items in the box marked Ukraine Pajama Drive in the Gathering Space.

If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of shipping items to Ukraine, you can donate by visiting the USA with Ukraine website and clicking on the donate button on the top right hand side of their webpage. 

All donations of pajamas and other warm clothes must be dropped off at the church by January 10th so that our donations can be included in their next shipment that will go to Ukraine in late January. 

We hope you will select one of the options listed above to help spread some love to the people of Ukraine this winter.