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For Manufacturer, Distributor, & Stakeholders

| Debrief Heat Pump (Electrification) Rebate ProgramPresentation on July 21st

Speakers, Program Managers

  • Lee Valenzuela, CASR Administrator - Community Energy Programs
  • Jeff Tyrel, CASR Renewable Heating & Cooling Manager

ACTION ITEM Invite Your HP/HVAC Contractor/Dealers to Attend the Next Open Feedback Session

September 1 @ 3 pm | REGISTER TO ATTEND


286 Installs completed from April 22 to June 24, 2022

EBBC members had 4 recommendations prior to the Rebate Program release. They were;

  1. Expand the program by adjusting the rebate amounts, to keep the rebates in the market longer.
  2. Take out the risk to the contractor. Have the customer be responsible for requesting the rebate reimbursement.
  3. Move the rebate up the supply chain for incentives to Distributors. Then it would trickle down to the consumer.
  4. Hybrid vs ALL Electric. Gas is not going to go away - why are we insisting people go all-electric?

  • Determine the rebate value based on the gas reduction.

• Tailor the rebate amount to building sizes and types of installations. The temperature switch is at X.

• 2-Tier Program. Less money for HP on top of furnace vs all Heat Pumps.

Lee & Jeff, from the City of Denver, will be back in September to meet with the HVAC/HP Contractor/Dealers. Looking for an open/collaborative exchange of ideas meeting to improve on the next HP Rebate Program release, to get the biggest bang for the buck. To participate in the conversation with Lee & Jeff, EEBC will be sending out invitations. Membership in EEBC is required to participate in the meeting discussion. Membership Application | DATE TBD

| “Hiring Pipeline" Program For EEBC Contractor Members | September Launch!

  EEBC’s “Good Green Jobs” 3-Year Program with the City of Denver

  •  Invite and sign-up your Hiring & Production Managers to Plug-in to EEBC’s "Hiring Pipeline“


  • EEBC is working with Julius Education & iCAST on this program. Targeting GED students.
  • EEBC spent the months of April & May, talking with EEBC members about what they are looking for in a curriculum for new hires and how they want to go about connecting with them.
  • Orientation modules: lighting, insulation/air-sealing, HVAC- Heat Pump, general understanding of building science,  — Do you want a career in this industry?
  • After the orientation, if they want to continue, a 12-week online program; with mentorship on their 1st job.
  • Focused training on Heat Pumps. EEBC Contractors are advising on the curriculum.
  • Contractors of EEBC Action Groups get the first crack at the graduates. We want you to get involved while the student is participating in the program through informational interviews – it has been found that this motivates the students to complete the program knowing there is potential for a job. Your Hiring and Production Manager need to get involved!
  •  If your contractor has a new hire they can get them into the program.

| Heat Pump Forecast Group • Ad Hoc Working Group & RMI Report Out

ACTION ITEM Join HVAC/HP Action Group Meeting [A full group with Manufacturers, Distributors, and Stakeholders] on September 1 @ 3 pm | REGISTER TO ATTEND


  • Next HP Forecast Group meeting the invitations will be emailed out.
  • EEBC will be advocating for the next 2 years  in 2022 & 2023 – Demand-Side Management [DSM] Rebate Programs
  • 2023 Docket & Strategic Issues – setting the goals for the next 5 years
  • 2024-2025 Docket — include plans from 2023 & Strategic Issues
  • Adding Beneficial Electrification Rebates, Demand Response, & Gas Rebate changes
  • Patricia: The problem we see is if the DSM - Greenhouse Gas, Clean Heat legislation, Denver Codes change in 2024 & 2027, and Xcel Energy 85% Clean Energy Grid — Goal Date is 2030 - can we deliver?
  • EEBC’s Ad Hoc HP Forecast Group wants to look at this goal-making process and determine how many HPs will be needed. The Ad Hoc HP seeing estimates between 300,000 to 690,000 to date.
  • Pete: To get the end goal by [2030], the biggest challenge is having enough people to do the workforce. Data pulled is from CA, NY, and New England states. 150% increase in HP sales in the last 2 years. HP installs have jumped furnaces in 2020, then dropped in 2021 some.
  • The problem with meeting the goal is that amount of people who have been in the industry are retiring. Not enough young people to replace them. Employee shortage: For every 4 aging retired workers, only 1 new young generation worker comes in. RMI will be working with the HP Forecast Group to assist with the forecasting.
  • Eric Wilson, NREL has a paper for the ACEEE Conference - calculations for Carbon savings ‘Long Run’. Available from NREL data set CAMBRIA, suggests the right values to come up with the correct equations for EE & Carbon. Carbon savings goals – need the data? Carbon factors for future electric grid scenarios
  • Mark Thomson, LG | I can add to the installer issue: From our experience in the Northeast, states like Mass, Conn, and NY all have worked hard to grow the trained installer networks-so the young people are out there and coming into the business, at least in this part of the country.
  • September 15th Quarterly Membership Meeting will address the workforce issue, changes coming into the workforce, and turnover rate. | REGISTER

| Regulatory Update • Inform, Advocate, & Influence

  • HP/HVAC Policy Action Began July!
  • How to Give Input to Xcel Energy’s New Beneficial Electrification HP Rebate Levels and Savings Goals
  • EEBC is rasking members to help raise $50,000 by August 31st to cover legal costs, etc. 


  • Regulatory Affairs | 2 - Xcel Energy Dockets — Challenges on the front line for Contractors
  • Member's suggestions on new products, changes in process, training $$
  • Considering a Demand Response/Load Shifting/Technology Trends Action Group. Would we need/want to start this group – talking about the significant issues of Beneficial Electrification – may be part of the Policy Action Committee [PAC]
  • 2003 DSM Rebate Plan – is being highlighted/flagged by Howard Geller, for industry concerns for you to look at and decide what we want to inform and influence in the next plan.
  • EEBC Request for member funding for the proceeding process.


From Christine Brinker, SWEEP

NEED GOOD APPLICANTS for the Energy Code Board, especially contractors, builders, and engineers

One member represents professional engineers with experience working on systems for buildings; two members represent affordable housing operations; two members who hold an electrical license, plumbing license, or a professional credential in the mechanical trades, at least one of whom is a member of a labor organization; one member who is a contractor who provides mechanical, electrical, or plumbing services or represents a statewide association that represents mechanical, electrical, or plumbing contractors; one member with building operation expertise; one member representing professional engineers with experience working on systems for buildings


NEED SOME SUPPORTIVE FOLKS at Erie's upcoming info and feedback session on their proposed codes

Aug 23.2022 @ 1-3 pm at Erie Town Hall Board Room, in person with virtual option.

EEBC Membership Application | DOWNLOAD

EEBC Quarterly Member Meeting | September 15th @ 7:30 AM | REGISTER


Mobilizing the HVAC/HP Supply Chain Together by 2030

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