🌷 Happy May Everyone!! 🌷

Hello there!

We are so happy to see that our gardens are now coming to life again! The emerging warm weather and sunshine are warming the soils and we see lots of green in the yard and beds around the Center. Listening to the birds chirping away is also a joy. We are so excited!

We have exciting updates about happenings at the Center, the Walk For Life, the Ride For Life, a new Beth C. Wright Scholarship Fund, and many more interesting classes and workshops.

Along with the new growth outside, this newsletter is overflowing with many exciting and informative activities that we are sponsoring and others that we have collaborated with partners to bring to you and will be happening over the next couple of months:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction on May 20
  • Acupuncture to Support Healing on May 26
  • Using Your Voice to Make a Difference Virtual Workshop on May 26 (sponsored by Maine Cancer Impact Network’s Rehabilitation & Survivorship Task Force)
  • National Cancer Survivors Day from June 4 - 6 (sponsored by Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers)

Please check them out and sign up below ⇩

It is amazing how quickly time passes and we wish you all a very happy and healthy Memorial Day!! The Ellsworth VFW Post 109 will be presenting the Ellsworth Memorial Day Parade this year!! If you attend and take some photos we encourage you to post them on our Facebook page. We love our community and want to support it in any way we can.

Always remember that we encourage you to reach out if you'd like information about our programs and services, or just to connect and say hello! Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm, please call 207-664-0339. We are here for you!
           Date: Thurs, May 20, 2021
           Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm
           Online - Zoom
Register online through the link above or call the Center at 207-664-0339 to register.
           Date: Weds, May 26, 2021
           Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 noon
           Online - Zoom
Register online through the link above or call the Center at 207-664-0339 to register.

Using Your Voice To Make A Difference

Date: Wed, May 26, 2021
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Online on Zoom

Are you interested in using your voice to speak out and effect change for cancer survivors, cancer prevention, or research?

If so, consider joining this valuable virtual workshop that will provide tips and inspiration to get you going. To sign up email: registration@dempseycenter.org
The Association of Maine Cancer Support Groups
"National Cancer Survivors Day"
June 4 - 6, 2021
This year marks the 34th annual National Cancer Survivors Day® which happens on June 6th - a day when thousands of people in hundreds of communities across the globe hold celebrations to honor cancer survivors and raise awareness of the challenges of cancer survivorship.

Throughout the weekend of June 4 - 6, there will be a variety of virtual workshops hosted by the Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers (AMCSC.) We'll offer survivor interviews, healthy cooking demonstrations, wellness activities, and more!

The full schedule of events and the website where you can access each event will be posted on the AMCSC National Cancer Survivors Day Facebook page as we get closer to June, and for now, we hope you'll save the date! 
🚲 👟 Annual Event Updates!! 👟 🚲
Save the Date!!!

21st Annual Beth C. Wright Walk For Life
Saturday, August 28, 2021
Addison, Maine
Plans are underway for the 2121 Walk for Life. The traditional May date has been moved to Saturday, August 28, and some new activities are in the works. In addition to some elements that could not be staged at last year’s 20th-anniversary walk in September because of COVID-19, there will be some new goings-on that planners hope will launch the traditional fundraiser into its second 20 years.
One notable change is the addition of a 5K road race. Runners can expect the usual bibs, bags, and medals associated with all road races. Another change is that there will be a craft fair at the parking lot of the Coastal Washington County Institute of Technology.
The traditional Walk will depart from the Addison Town Hall at 10:30 and the Tuscan Lodge Masonic Hall will host the annual auction.
Planners are even considering evening activities for all (including non-walkers and runners), such as a catered banquet with guest speakers.

We will keep you up to date
as things develop.
Happy Memorial Day To All!
Save the Date!!!

17th Annual Beth C.Wright Ride For Life
Saturday, September 11, 2021
Surry, Maine
In the past year, while the world has been concentrating on fighting a pandemic, many have also been fighting their own personal battles with cancer. Cancer did not shut down. Neither did the Beth Wright Center. We quickly adapted our services to reach out to assist cancer patients.

Support groups, programs exploring nutrition, meditation, relaxation, yoga, journaling are just a few of the services that are being virtually shared at no cost to cancer patients and their families. Our staff has been available by phone to assist those in need of resources throughout this pandemic. At this time we are offering assistance to those trying to navigate the vaccine process. 

Raising funds to support this work has not been easy this year. On Sat Sept. 11th we will be hosting our 17th Beth C. Wright Ride for Life on the scenic Blue Hill Peninsula. Please join us in this effort to keep all our work moving forward! Check out some of the details for this year's Ride.

Highlights for this year:
  • Our goal to have 100 riders and raise $25,000. 
  • We are now allowing e-bikes for the 20-mile ride. 
  • We are asking participants to raise a minimum of $150.
  • Complimentary Boxed lunches provided by Brooklin Inn
  • A virtual ride option
  • $45 registration fee 

We will keep you posted as we go forward in the planning process.
The Beth C. Wright Center Will Begin Programs Live
Again in June!!

We have some very good news. We will begin offering some face-to-face programs.

Can you believe that we have been unable to participate in face-to-face programming for over a year?

Well, as hard as it has been for all of us, many positive things have come from this - we have expanded our reach to those who need us by using Zoom and Facebook Live, thank goodness that we had technology during this time.

In June this will begin to change. Here at the Center will begin to open up and offer live programming. We will continue to offer virtual programming as well.

We have purchased and placed BlueAir brand air purifiers in each program area, office, and restroom in the Beth Wright Center.

The air purifiers will do the following: 

  • Completely filters air every 12 minutes at the industry-recommended rate of 5x an hour (or about every 12 minutes) in a 434 ft² room to effectively lower particle levels and maintain a comfortable environment.

We will also continue to follow CDC guidelines. We will keep you posted on our upcoming live events.
New Home-Grown College Scholarship for Students Affected by Cancer Created
A few weeks ago Valerie Dyer and her daughter, Alli, sat down together as she filled out a local scholarship application for college.

Alli is a senior in high school and like many kids her age she has had to navigate the college process pandemic-style. As if missing out on so many special senior milestones isn’t difficult enough she has endured an added hardship this year. This amazingly strong eighteen-year-old daughter has had to withstand not one but both of her parents being
diagnosed with cancer in 2020.

Facing the many physical, emotional and financial challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis, Alli, with guidance from her guidance counselor and her Mom, met all of her scholarship application goals.

As Alli's Mother watched this process and saw how it affected not only her own daughter, but the many students all around our area she wanted to give back a little hope and promise for a better future to the ones who often suffer silently.

A wonderful thing grew out of this family's hardship - a new scholarship fund for students directly affected by cancer has been created by Alli's Mom, Valerie.

She is currently raising money for this cause from book sales of “Chicken Soup For The Soul: Be
You”, a book that she recently had a short story published in. All proceeds from her book sales will help fund a Beth C. Wright Cancer Survivors Scholarship.

Together, with the Beth C. Wright
Cancer Resource Center, our hope is to launch this scholarship locally as soon as enough money can be raised and God willing, with continued efforts, for many years to come.

If you would like to take part in this scholarship or donate, visit the Raising money for a Beth C. Wright Cancer Survivor.
ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation Services is offering Living Well beyond Cancer free workshops online for cancer survivors! The newest upcoming will be on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 2:00 pm.

The workshops are live but are stored online for future viewing at your convenience. Check them out here! Follow them on Facebook for some great advice!
Please Take Note
Temporary Program
Schedule Changes

Two of our gentle yoga classes will be having temporary schedule changes:

Gentle Yoga with David Walker: No classes on May 10, 17, 24 - Classes will resume on June 7, 2021

Virtual Gentle Yoga with Mary Cline: No classes from June 1 - 30 - Classes will resume on July 7, 2021

If you have any questions, call the Center at 207-664-0339
Monthly Series Zoom Events
Laughter Yoga Club with Chris Chapman 4th Tuesday of each month from 10:30 - 11:30 am on Zoom - Call 207-664-0339 to register.
Meditations with Martina 1st Thursday of each month 10 - 11 am - each month on Zoom. Call 207-664-0339 to register.
Our Programs
Reflections: Reimagining Beauty Ongoing Service - in person at the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center.
Call to find out more or make an appointment, 207-664-0339 or email us at info@bethwrigthcancercenter.org
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