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Local San Diego artist, Michael Carini, will be painting at the Gallery this Saturday, February 26th, from 12:00pm - 3:00pm! Join us as we watch this dynamic artist create new works.

Please enjoy the following newsletter, displaying Michael's available artwork in the current exhibit Light It Up, and some of his sold work during the exhibit. Please contact the gallery if you should need further pictures or video and be sure to let us know which artwork is your favorite by participating in the poll at the bottom of this newsletter.
48" x 48" Original Acrylic on Canvas
"This painting tells a story of creation and the interconnectedness of relationships. If you look closely, you may spot a large figure in the upper right corner and a much smaller figure in the bottom right. The smaller figure is in a state of genesis, feeding and growing from the nourishment and energy of the other. This painting does have ties to a specific creation story, referencing Eve being created from the rib of Adam. Shortly after this painting was completed, someone vandalized it, puncturing and cutting through it right where Eve's rib is. I had to patch Eve's rib and carefully mend it, which I feel added to the symbolism and energy of the painting." ~Michael Carini
12" x 36" Original Acrylic Triptych (3-Canvases available for sale individually or together)
"'Flight Into Paradise' is the first signature triptych from the "Roots" collection, one of two primary active collections, representing my yang, or light. As my work always filters in and funnels out personal experience and observation, it felt only fitting to do a collection of bird of paradise paintings, a frequent sight in beautiful San Diego." ~Michael Carini
96" x 60" Original Acrylic on Canvas
"This painting is about being a dreamer, defying the odds of even physics, and doing the impossible. It's one of my lighter, more hopeful paintings and a glimpse into heaven as a blue veil of clouds is pulled aside like a curtain so as to find a safe place to land and rest." ~Michael Carini
24" x 24" Original Acrylic on Canvas
"'As The Son Touches The Moon' is one of my more playful and minimalistic pieces. Sometimes less is more and this has always been a piece I've enjoyed having around with its lighter and jovial undertones. Sometimes you have to take the impossible leap and go for everything you've ever dreamed possible...and impossible." ~Michael Carini
*SOLD: 12" x 12" Original Acrylic on Canvas
*SOLD: 12" Original Acrylic on Hexagon Wood Panels
Which artwork above is your favorite?
"Flesh of My Flesh"
"Flight Into Paradise"
"Falling Towards The Sky"
"As The Son Touches The Moon"
"Burning Out With The Sunset (Is Better Than Fading Away)"
Hexagon Duo: "I'm Still Here" and "But I Haven't Been Okay In So Fucking Long"
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