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Stefanos Karagos of XPLAIN, Mark Steele of eSSENTIAL Accessibility, Courtney Harwood of Xerox and Julie Chan of Pfizer Consumer Products enjoy the evening in Palo Alto at the home of Susan and Scott McNealy to share ideas at the intersection of marketing and technology.



Never before have we seen the need for so many new marketing skills in a world increasingly defined by technology, data, analytics, artificial intelligence, personalization, customized content and the Internet of Things. Yet, considering such change, we're realizing that experience, expertise and the ability to navigate internal and external challenges are also essential top-management capabilities, particularly as marketing plays a larger role in the overall business process.

Those who can balance traditional marketing leadership skills with technology's potential will reshape the industry and define its future.

To recognize new leaders and inspire others to take risks in the reinvention of our business, The Internationalist has sought nominations for tech-savvy, internationally-minded, dedicated marketers who provide significant value and tangible results in an age of unparalleled change. We call them The NEXT 50.

Many of these marketing leaders gathered in Palo Alto last week for a peer-to-peer dinner at the extraordinary home of Susan and Scott McNealy. Of course, Scott McNealy is best known for his role as Co-Founder of tech giant, Sun Microsystems. He also founded Curriki, a free online education service in 2004 while still at Sun. In 2011, he co-founded Wayin, a Brand Engagement Platform used by marketers to create interactive marketing experiences that collect first-party data. The event honored The NEXT 50, celebrated those integrating technology and marketing, and connected internationally-minded marketers, so they could meet each other and exchange ideas.

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People and ideas have always been at the center of The Internationalist's mission. Honoring those individuals who are changing the rules of contemporary marketing is just one way to express those ideals. Few remarkable initiatives occur in marketing-- particularly multinational marketing-- without an inspirational champion and a defined vision. The NEXT 50 embrace today's fast-paced challenges, are technology-reliant, understand the impact of data, think differently, experiment, seek innovative ideas, and focus on measurable results.

Scott & Susan McNealy

Alix Hart, NVIDIA and Ty Shay, Symantec

Julie Chan, Pfizer; Richard Jones, Wayin
Scott Flanders, eHealth; Erin Bruehl, Priceline
Brian Broveleit, The Kellogg Company

Marwa Khalife, Vertic; Jeremy Krall, HP; Anna Doan, Vertic

Rob Klein, Slack; Heather Hathaway, Wayin
Susan Zuzic, Wayin; Vineet Mehra, Ancestry; Spiro Papathanasakis, eSSENTIAL Accessibility

Those celebrated last week as part of The NEXT 50:

Brian Broveleit, Sr. Director CRM & Loyalty- Kellogg Co.
Brian is finding new and creative ways to gather data and engage customers directly in an industry that traditionally relied on retailers as an indirect conduit to customers and prospects. Brian builds his marketing decisions while considering how they align with the goals of EVERY brand at Kellogg's. Instead of just developing and employing standard loyalty programs and marketing campaigns, he works to ensure that these programs also align with the strategy of each brand.

Erin Bruehl, Global Consumer Engagement Lead- PRICELINE
Erin leads all brand promotions and social media strategy and content at Priceline. She is responsible for setting and executing on all promotional campaigns and strategic planning that will promote all Priceline products, brand awareness and support a variety of business objectives.

Alix Hart, VP Marketing- NIVIDIA
Alix's background spans multiple industries and audiences, including Retail, CPG, Media, and Tech, and both B2C and B2B. NVIDIA is powering new experiences and discoveries made possible by artificial intelligence and deep learning-- from autonomous driving to high performance computing to robotics. NVIDIA's invention of the GPU to simulate reality in video games is now disrupting and transforming every industry's capabilities. Alix is building a powerhouse digital marketing organization that fuels engagement, loyalty, and new business growth.

Courtney Harwood, Chief Marketing Officer- XEROX
Courtney is the driving force behind Xerox's current brand transition, working to reposition the company as a tech power house with expertise in software and services. She has revamped the company's website, social media presence and customer support functions to provide a seamless, end-to-end customer journey. As if that's not enough, she's improving customer support, online shopping and personalized client portals.

Rob Klein, Brand Marketing Manager- SLACK
Rob is also a Founding Member of the Brand Team at Slack, which is a collaboration hub for work, used by millions of people and hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world. He spends his day-to-day entrenched in the strategy, planning, and execution of global creative campaigns and plays a vital role in the consideration and facilitation of large-scale brand partnerships.

Boon Lai, VP, Global Partner Marketing- CISCO
Boon leads Cisco's Global Partner Marketing by working across a partner ecosystem to elevate marketing into an engine that drives brand, demand generation and sales pipeline. A true Internationalist, he has led teams in senior business roles in New York, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai and San Francisco while working at the intersection of technology and the consumer.

Jennifer Renaud, Vice President Marketing Americas- VERTIV
Vertiv is an Ohio-based, provider of equipment and services for datacenters, and Jenn has brought together People, Processes, and Technology, to help drive engagement and success. She represents a new trend in the next generation of CMO's as her background is in MarTech. She is someone who knows technology first, and is using that knowledge to reshape the marketing efforts inside of Vertiv.

AMY Schulte, Sr. Leader, Enterprise Marketing Technology & Digital Delivery- SECURIAN FINANCIAL
Amy is taking an industry that has traditionally been non-digital, and leading Securian's charge into the digital age. She has created a technology center of excellence in the financial services space, which connects various groups and disciplines through a hub of excellence. Amy is expanding her team to empower, sales, marketing, IT, data, and leadership-- all aligned under the goal of breaking down silos and building the customer experience through marketing.

Ty Shay, Chief Marketing Officer- SYMANTEC- Norton and Lifelock Brands
Ty pioneered and authored "Performance Storytelling," a proprietary marketing approach that simultaneously grows brand equity dimensions (awareness, preference), while increasing business results (lower CPMs, higher profits, increased sales). The mission of "Performance Storytelling" is to over-deliver sales and new customer targets while underspending marketing budget.

Jason Rose, SAP; Sebastian Jespersen, Vertic

Alix Hart, NVIDIA and Boon Lai, Cisco

Jenn Renaud, Vertiv; Laurence Lipworth, Vertic
Amy Schulte, Securian Financial; Francesca Gillett, Wayin
Robin Daniels, WeWork; Simone Blei, RTL

Brendan Banahan & Deborah Malone, The Internationalist: Susan & Scott McNealy

Richard Jones, Wayin; Griffin Pickard & Vijay Gupta, Sitecore
Boris Becker, RTL; Perry Kamel, IJ/SGC

Past Internationalists and Innovators Celebrated:

  • Julie Chan, Global Consumer Engagement Lead at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, is responsible for elevating Communications strategy to drive business results. An advocate of consistent brand equity and effective campaigns, Julie works with global teams in Media, Digital, eCommerce, Marketing Excellence & Agency Relations. (2010 Internationalist of the Year)
  • Vineet Mehra, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Ancestry, has demonstrated how a modern marketing organization needs a brand side and a performance side.  He has shown how combining the two can make a significant difference in brand growth and deep consumer connnections. (2014 Internationalist of the Year)
  • Sebastian Jespersen, Founder & CEO of Vertic, is an Innovator, a Business Strategist, and a Breakthrough Digital Thinker. He founded independent digital agency Vertic over a decade ago; today it has a footprint on three continents.  He is also the author of ENTANGLED MARKETING: Moving Beyond Engagement with Stan Rapp. (Internationalist Innovator 2012)
  • Stefanos Karagos, Founder & Information Scientist at XPLAIN, the Revolutionary A.I. Marketing Intelligence Firm. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and Visual-Data Thinker, as well as a Pioneer and a Thought Leader in the Technology, Publishing and Marketing sectors for 20 years. (Internationalist Innovator 2016) 

The NEXT 50 marketers are also welcomed as part of THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 initiative--1000 Marketers Around the World Reshaping the Future of Marketing in global partnership with the ANA/ Association of National Advertisers--a group of dedicated industry leaders who are reshaping our understanding of marketing's expanding role throughout the world.

The Internationalist
focuses on the reinvention of marketing around the globe by connecting the people and ideas in international marketing and advertising through original content, intelligence, thought leadership, community, collaboration, and influence. Marketer driven, The Internationalist has become a trusted source for international best practices, and is dedicated to the business needs and challenges of international marketing professionals as they participate in multinational brand building and aspire to world class standards. Originally created as a trade publication, The Internationalist connects a global audience through content and case studies in print, online and in-person-- via peer-to-peer marketer events including Dinners, Think Tanks, Awards and Summits- all to better serve the needs of this fast-changing community.

The Internationalist is proud of its Global Alliance with ANA (Association of National Advertisers) as we partner on an initiative called THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 with ANA or 1000 Marketers around the World Reshaping the Future of Marketing.

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