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A Flourishing ECO Church Generates Multiplying Leaders:

By Rev. Dr. Dana Allin
ECO Synod Executive
In my newsletter articles this past year I have been alternating between focusing on one of ECO’s values or one of the measures of a flourishing church. This month we will focus on our fifth flourishing church measure, “Generates Multiplying Leaders”. This measure defines that one of the qualities of a flourishing church is that it develops leaders who develop other leaders. The attached document shows the qualities of a flourishing church but also provides some questions for a church to evaluate their current health in each area.

The concept of leadership in the life of the church is relatively new and is met with mixed reactions. In Christendom, the concept of leadership (especially with the pastor) was foreign. We, especially within the Reformed tradition, have tended to view pastors as shepherds/teachers and discounted the need for leadership. In the 80’s and 90’s with the church growth movement, the pendulum began to swing, and leadership became a hot topic - especially in non-denominational circles. 
Ministry Spotlight!
 Check out these resources to engage in "Generates Multiplying Leaders!"
(Book by Dana Allin)
(Free online course)
Breakout Sessions
Breakouts are an important part of our 2020 National Gathering and part of the reason it’s simply not to be missed! We have three breakout sessions scheduled with many gifted teachers who take the time to dig deep with a smaller group. You may choose anything you want to attend - from theology to missions to practical life and ministry to ECO-specific pastoral roles and issues. Pro tip: if you come with a group, divide and conquer in order to share insights from as many sessions as possible with each other and your church back home! Can’t wait for you to join us in Dallas!

Spring Semester starts February 11th!

Register for Spring Classes (open as of Nov 1st)
Spring 2020 Classes:

  • Old Testament Survey
  • The Polity of ECO
  • Theology Survey II
  • Discipleship and Disciple-Making

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Exciting equipping, growth, and training is happening all across the country through our CLP cohorts and seminary classes.

Lay leaders are in training to deploy in order to saturate our broken and hurting world with the transforming power of the Gospel! Join us!
We now have...

8 cohorts made up of 67 students

41 students enrolled in Flourish/Gordon-Conwell Seminary courses
Why I'm so excited to offer Spiritual Direction at the National Gathering!

By Rhea Patton

 Rhea is a covenant partner of First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. She has served as a Spiritual Director to pastors, church staff, and other seeking Christians for many years. In addition, she has served as an elder, on staff, and as a lay leader at FPC. She is a graduate of Selah (Leadership Transformations, Inc.), and serves on their faculty as a Supervisor of Spiritual Director Interns-in-Training.
The impact of spiritual direction on the spiritual and emotional health of pastor and other spiritual leaders is far-reaching. Pastor and author, Eugene Peterson, writes, "It is not merely nice for pastors to have a spiritual director; it is indispensable."

Pastors and other Christian leaders are often so busy guiding their “flock” that they lose awareness of God’s engagement with and intentions for their own lives. Spiritual direction offers a place to monitor and maintain self-awareness, self-care, vulnerability, humility, and integrity in leadership. It provides a partner in prayer and spiritual reflection and a safe space in which to identify and trust one’s own experience of God. In short, spiritual direction provides pastors and other Christian leaders an opportunity to re-engage with their souls.

Consistent time spent in spiritual direction encourages an ever-deepening awareness of the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit. A director provides prayerful companionship in this process and can sometimes see from “the outside” what one does not see in the process of living life and doing ministry. I consider it of utmost importance to offer a time of spiritual direction to pastors and leaders at the ECO National Gathering as a vital component of maintaining their spiritual health and the spiritual health of their churches. 

If you are interested in making a FREE spiritual direction appointment while at the National Gathering, please email and we will contact you with availability in January.
Have you heard?

The IMPACT Pre-conference is now open to all attendees at the National Gathering.
And it's FREE for the month of November!
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Me and My House in Mission

Donald Marsden
Associate Director, Frontier Fellowship
We have long known that the family profoundly influences all its members. No other social institution comes close to having an impact on young people that way the family does. Many parents seek out a church based on the quality of its discipling program for children and youth. However, research among adult Christians in the United States demonstrates that people of faith, when asked who influenced them in the growth of their faith most often answered “my
mother.” Other family members also rank very high in shaping the faith of young people. Research bears out that children are deeply affected by conversations about faith they have with family members. When children and parents go out into their community and into the world to serve together, the positive impact on the faith of a child is massive.
Coach Training Certification!

Flourish is offering a Coach Training certification process through Coach Net International because of our commitment to equip leaders and provide resources that nurture flourishing ministry within ECO.

Having a coach can be a powerful asset in ministry and discipleship. More and more, pastors and ministers recognize the value of a quality coach to equip them to cultivate skills, lead staff, mentor young leaders, mobilize volunteers and teams more strategically, and improve as a counselor.

Session 1: Thursday, Feb 6, 2020 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Session 2: Friday, Feb 7, 2020 from 8:30am to 5:30pm

The first session will start directly following the 2020 National Gathering. Please extend your hotel stay for one or two additional nights after the gathering at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center (1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, TX).
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