Krishna Trayodasi
 SANI Trayodasi
Saturday , July 18th 

Significance of Sani Trayodasi Sani expressed his gratitude for his release by Hanuman from Ravana's prison at the time of Lanka Dahanam. He also requested forgiveness for his misbehavior when He tried to effect him in his Zodiac. To heal his wounds caused by Hanuman , Saturn desires abhisekam with sesame seed oil. Therefore for those who perform oil abhisekam to Saturn on Sani Trayodasi the radiation of Saturn will be cooled down and Sani will bless them.
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Prasadam - Homam Raksha & Akshinthalu(yellow rice)

Sani Deeparadhana
To appease  Lord Sani , lighting a  lamp  before the Sani Maharaj  chanting ' Sani  Mantra is advised . He is pleased to accept  lamps  lit with sesame seed oil.
19 Sesame seed lamps will be lit on behalf of sponsors's name chanting Sani mantra.

Meaning of Sani mantra:
Nilanjana Samabhasam - "The one who is resplendent or glowing like a blue mountain"
Ravi Putram -  "The son of the sun god Surya" (called here Ravi)
Yamagrajam - The elder brother of Yama, god of death"
Chaya Martanda Sambhutam - "He who is born to Chaya and the Surya" (here called Martanda)
Tam Namami Shanescharam - I bow down to the slow-moving one."

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