December 2019
The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute provides caregivers with the necessary resources and education to access the appropriate supports and services for their loved one with an intellectual and developmental disability.
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Governmental Affairs Update

As part of National Family Caregivers Month, a group of families visited the State House on November 18, and spoke with more than 30 legislators about caring for a loved one with I/DD, and the challenges they face due to the Direct Support Professional (DSP) workforce crisis. This annual event gives lawmakers insight into a family’s life and helps elevate the issues we care about. Legislators heard first-hand from families about how DSPs support people with I/DD, how important DSPs are to individuals and families, and the impact felt by individuals and their families when there is so much turnover in the workforce. This event provided legislators with further understanding of why wages must be increased for DSPs and the real-life repercussions of low salaries for these critical staff.
Census Day is April 1, 2020!
What Is the 2020 Census? Click the pictures below to find out!

Supporting Siblings at School: Small Ways to Make a Big Difference for Brothers and Sisters of Children with Disabilities

Dear teachers and school personnel,
Do you know siblings of children with special needs? Chances are you do, as most kids with disabilities have at least one brother or sister.
These siblings will have the longest-lasting relationship with their brothers and sisters who have disabilities—a relationship easily in excess of 65 years. Research confirms that siblings’ concerns parallel parents’ concerns, but all too often, sibs’ issues are overlooked.
In popular culture, siblings are often portrayed as heroic and self-sacrificing. Indeed, many sibs have qualities such as insight, compassion, maturity, loyalty, pride, advocacy, knowledge of disabilities, and a commitment to social justice.
But for many, being a sib can also be hard, with feelings of guilt, resentment, isolation, embarrassment, future and safety concerns, increased caregiving demands, and a perceived pressure to be “the good kid.”

DD Training Resources is an online database, funded by a grant from The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities and run by The Arc of New Jersey's Family Institute. It provides a wide range of information about trainings and support resources for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout the State of New Jersey.
We welcome your feedback on our new DD Training Resources website!
Join the Coalition for a Direct Support Professional Living Wage Today

Direst Support Professionals (DSPs) make it possible for many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead lives in their communities. They provide personal care, social support, and physical assistance to individuals in a wide range of activities when needed. They work in a variety of settings including individual and family homes, group homes, supported apartments, schools, workplaces, recreational and fitness settings, etc. Currently, the need for DSPs exceeds the number of such professionals working in the field, and this workforce shortage is only expected to increase. New Jersey must address the workforce issues to ensure services will continue for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who depend on it.
Mission to Transition

New, Free Resources Addressing Sexual Violence Against Men with Disabilities

The Arc's National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability and The Board Resource Center are excited to announce  new resources  to address this silent epidemic.

Health care professionals are in a frontline position to educate patients with disabilities about sexual violence and how to report it, yet they generally have little or no experience talking about it. Supported by the WITH Foundation, the project is  releasing new training videos and other valuable online resources  to give health care professionals the practical tools they need to have simple, direct, and honest conversations about sexual violence with male patients who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Navigating the System

Prepare for Your Loved One's Future

Thinking about planning for the future of your loved one with a disability, but not sure where to start? As the year comes to an end, it’s a good time to think about setting goals for the new year.

The Arc’s Center for Future Planning has  free  resources available to help you get started with planning for the future of your loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Visit  to access   free webinars , a topic-by-topic  guide on where to start  planning, and a  resource directory . You can also hear other people’s stories on how they have planned for the future.
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Road to Employment
Project SEARCH
Project SEARCH has grown from a single program site at Cincinnati Children’s to a large and continuously expanding international network of sites. Project SEARCH’s primary objective is to secure competitive employment for people with disabilities.

The Project SEARCH program at Overlook Medical Center will be hosting two Open House events in December. Click HERE to download the flyer.
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