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April 2016
This Month:
  • Give new life to an old computer with a SSD
  • A day in the life of a computer technician
  • Windows Vista end-of-life is April 2017
  • Recommend Computer Techs and receive $20.00
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Give new speed to an old computer with a SSD

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a newer type of hard drive for computers that is much faster and more reliable than the older standard HDD (Hard Disk Drive). The cost for SSD's has come down considerably in the past few years, capacities have increased, and we are now recommending them to replace aging HDD's in computers up to about 5 years old. The advantage of SSD's are faster startup/boot times of typically 50% or greater, faster program load times, greater durability and a longer lifespan.

A day in the life of a computer technician

In the past month our most popular calls we've been getting are about fake computer warning messages, phone support scams, and Windows 10 installing automatically. Read below to learn how to respond if these things pop up on your computer.

Windows Vista end-of-life is April 2017

Microsoft’s Windows operating system lifecycle currently shows that extended support for Windows Vista will end on April 11, 2017. At that time Microsoft will no longer release security updates, and computers with Windows Vista will become increasingly dangerous to operate if connected to the internet.

Windows Vista was installed on new computers from early 2007 through late 2009. Computers manufactured in that time period are already past the typical useful lifespan of a computer – which is approximately 5-7 years. The average lifespan of a hard drive is 5 years, so if you’ve still got a computer with Windows Vista mechanical failure could be imminent. 

Recommend Computer Techs and receive $20

If you're happy with our service, please consider recommending Computer Techs to a friend or relative. If we service their computer, you get $20 Off your next service call.