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November 2017
This Month's Tips: 
  • Why you need to stop using Internet Explorer
  • Top 5 password tips
  • Why extended warranties are a bad investment
  • Tell friends and family about our services
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Why you need to stop using Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is the web browser that Microsoft included with the Windows operating system through Windows 8.1. Beginning with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is the new browser that’s included with the operating system and is continually being optimized with performance, feature and security updates. That leaves Internet Explorer 11 – released in late-2013 – as the last major version of Internet Explorer.

With other browsers being continually updated - such as Edge version 41, Firefox version 57 and Chrome version 62 (as of November 2017) , some websites have stopped supporting the use of Internet Explorer. One of those websites is  Yahoo  – which includes the popular Yahoo web portal, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance.

An advantage of using a newer browser such as  Chrome  includes faster web browsing, improved security and  upcoming features  that will help stop fake warning messages that are often caused by webpage redirects and misleading advertisements.
Top 5 password tips that you need to know
  1. Is your email account easy to access by hackers? Click here to learn more and find out.
  2. Learn why your most important password is the one that secures your email
  3. Take a few moments to create a password system that’s secure and memorable. It’s not difficult.
  4. Even though you may have a password system, you still should keep a record of your passwords. Some people put their passwords in a notebook, Rolodex, on their mobile device or online password manager. Which is the best option for you? How to safely manage your passwords
  5. Use an additional step to secure your email and other sensitive online accounts: Secure your email account with 2-step verification

In case you missed it...
Why extended warranties are a bad investment
When purchasing a new computer you may be persuaded to purchase an extended warranty or service plan. Here's why they are a bad investment in most cases:

  • Extended warranties coverage is secondary and covers a period after the standard one year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Computers typically fail within the first year, or after 5 years - typically the time period which is not covered by an extended warranty.
  • Extended warranties only cover hardware issues - a large majority of computer issues are software related.

Are you in the market for a new computer? Read How to shop for a new PC and get the best deal .
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