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November 2016
This Month's Tips: 
  • Why you should ditch your AT&T/Yahoo email - how we can help
  • Easy password management tips
  • How to print email in your web browser
  • Never worry about updates again with our Computer Maintenance Plan
  • FTC Consumer Alert: Tech Support Imposter Scams
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Why you should ditch your AT&T/Yahoo email - how we can help

Over the years we’ve written various articles about AT&T/Yahoo email being plagued by account security issues, bothersome ads added to their webmail interface, spam messages sent to user’s contacts and more. The latest revelation that over 500 million Yahoo accounts have been compromised in recent years leads us to once again advise people to stop using AT&T/Yahoo Mail, and switch to using a more secure and reliable email provider such as Gmail.

If your email address ends in,,, or, the advice above includes you – since Yahoo provides the email and web content services for AT&T Internet customers. Also, since AT&T competitor Verizon is in the process of buying Yahoo, AT&T will likely be changing providers for their email services – forcing you to make changes to your email in 2017 anyways.

If you’ve got an Android smartphone, the good news is that you’ve already got a Gmail address. If you don’t already have Gmail, it’s easy to get a free address and setup your account – we can help if you’d like.

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Easy password management tips

When helping clients log in to their computer or websites, often I will see them pull out a scratch pad or sticky notes with various passwords scribbled on the page. There’s a better and more secure method to record your login information.

For years I’ve recommended using your own variant of my password system to help you memorize the unique passwords that you use for every device and web site. When changing passwords I recommend starting with your email password, then financial websites, followed by the less-important web sites that you’ve used over the years. Your email password is one of your most important passwords since many websites send password reset requests to your email address. If a hacker gains access to your email, they could change the passwords and lock you out of all of your other online accounts.

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How to print email in your browser so that it's big enough to read

If you access your email via a web browser and use email services such as Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, Gmail or AOL Mail, you may have noticed that printing an email may include ads and a listing of your mailbox folders. If so, here’s how to print an email so that you can read it – which includes just the body of the email without extra stuff surrounding the message:

Along the horizontal list of actions directly above the email message and to the right of “Reply”, “Forward”, etc., look for “More” or 3 dots ““, the choose “Print”. Gmail users should look for a printer icon label “Print all”. When clicking “Print” or “Print all” as explained above, a new window should pop up with a preview displaying just the body of the email message. If a Windows doesn’t pop up, you may need to disable your browser’s pop up blocker for that website. You can then continue to follow the instructions on your screen to begin printing.

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In case you missed it:
Microsoft making major changes to its email service
If you have a Hotmail, MSN, Live or email address, Microsoft is in the process of making major changes to your “” email experience. For more information from Microsoft, read their support article.
Never worry about updates again-
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Many of our clients have been asking for a way to keep their computer secure and up-to-date, and not have to worry about the seemingly constant barrage of updates.

With websites getting hacked on a daily basis, and the increasing chance of your personal information being compromised, it’s more important than ever to keep your computer up-to-date and maintained.

Now you can have Computer Techs maintain, update and check the security on your computer on a convenient schedule. Service takes about an hour and can be performed via a Remote Support session or on-site. Services include: