Calvin University in Honduras: a Mission of Optimism
Sister Larraine
“If we apply the wrong medicine, we are likely to cause harm instead of healing. We need to understand the problems if we are to find effective cures. This takes work, but the benefits are great.” At first glance, this quote might seem contrary to the heading that precedes it. It’s taken from the first chapter of a remarkable short book entitled When Healing Helps, and that title in itself points in the direction of optimism. 

The book is by a couple of Calvin University professors, Tracy Kuperus and Roland Hoksbergen. Its wisdom is the foundation for a remarkable learning experience, Impact of Clean Water: Honduras, a four credit, month-long course that is being taught and led by other Calvin U faculty: Doug Vander Griend, (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Erica Boldenow, (Biology and Public Health), and Maria Rodriguez(World Languages), with support from Sawyer Products. I’m privileged to be included in a supporting role; organizing the lodging and meals, but most importantly, leading the interaction with Water With Blessings Honduras.

In that role, it’s been my delight to facilitate encounters between 15 wonderful students and a whole host of wonderful Hondurans: Franciscan friars, their San Maximiliano parish community, our WWB Honduras Team, and of course, many Water Women! With many more encounters to come, as we aren’t even at the midway point, the course has quickly evolved into a powerful learning experience that will surely leave an indelible mark on all those involved. Learners are getting a deep immersion into all things water, everything from the dam and water treatment plant that provide water to most of Tegucigalpa (see photos) to WWB Water Women training to water justice issues, and more...cultural experiences, hikes and prayer... and of course, plenty of insightful readings to share and discuss. That leads us back to the above quotation. Doug, Erica and Maria want their course to highlight the impact of sustainable programs based on truly human solutions; the kinds of solutions that empower from the ground up... programs like Water With Blessings. That’s why Sawyer Products staff encouraged them to integrate our program into the course, and of course, we couldn’t be more proud and appreciative.

Personally, I go back to the word “delight”, as this is indeed a delightful group of learners: eager to learn, ready to flex, positive and optimistic in their hopes of becoming leaders for solutions to the world’s most persistent needs. When Helping Heals offers an optimistic response to the painful insights of better known works such as When Helping Hurts and Toxic Charity, and these students embody that optimism. I can’t wait to see the solutions they propose as their final projects for the course. 
Writing this with an early deadline in sight, while waiting for the group to return from a long day trip, I’m having to close for now without sharing the most important insights of all, those of the students! But here’s my plan: connect with us, if you aren’t already, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’ll start getting these wonderful learners to post a favorite photo from the trip with their own thoughts, and maybe offer a roundup in next week’s e-news for those who avoid social media. I have a feeling that when you hear from them, like me you will be uplifted, encouraged... and OPTIMISTIC for a future of helpful healing for our lovely planet Earth and all her inhabitants, including God’s thirsty children.
Blessings for that!
Sister Larraine
Photo Credit: The Brussels Times
You Can Help Make Even More Clean Water Flow in Ukraine

With your support, Water With Blessings has been able to provide 1,800 mini-filters to Ukraine in our three recent shipments. Our wonderful volunteers, from high school students to retirees, have written heart-felt notes of encouragement that accompany each shipment. We continue to collaborate with Aleksey and his dedicated team at Razom for Ukraine. With your continued donations, we already have sufficient funds for nearly 400 more filters—please help us provide another full shipment of 600 filters for Ukraine with your donation today.
The shipments of mini filters must take a long journey from Chicago to New Jersey and then Poland before reaching people in extreme need in Ukraine. Aleksey’s team made a customized video for Ukrainian users about maintaining the mini filters so that clean water can continue to flow for vulnerable children and elders. 
Each Sawyer mini filter, packaged with a 16-ounce pouch, includes instructions in Ukrainian, and handwritten messages of encouragement and support. Our Executive Director, Sister Larraine, notes that “We know the power of human hope is just as important as the power of these great filters.” Along with packing the necessary supplies for our initial shipments, our volunteers carefully copy translations of hopeful messages into Ukrainian using the Cyrillic alphabet. One repeated message of hope is “Take courage -- God is with you.”  
Seeing the Ukrainian flag colors appear in our neighborhoods, on vehicles and on clothing are another illustration of our solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Please consider joining with us as we build more bridges of hope and support to people experiencing extreme stress and loss. Your help ensures that Water With Blessings can continue providing this essential humanitarian aid. 
Saving lives – One child at a time   

Your voices and actions have made a difference!  

Thank you for speaking to groups around the country, creating filter socks, writing thank you notes and volunteering at events.  

We are looking for more speaking opportunities. Will you share our life-saving model with your organization, school, group, or church? Help us present our mission to more individuals, communities and states in 2022!
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Where Will You See Water With Blessings Next?
With the warmer spring temperatures, there are more opportunities to visit with the Water With Blessings team at community events or volunteer with us to help share our one-of-a-kind mission. Next up will be the Saturday, June 4, Monarch Festival at the Mt. St. Francis Spirituality Center in Indiana. This community event and immersive butterfly experience will begin at noon and conclude at 8:00 pm EDT with free admission and parking. More details about scheduled children’s activities, music, food trucks and the beer/wine garden are available at
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