Springtime Renewal: Water is Life!
During this season of re-birth and renewal, we welcome the beautiful spring
blossoms and the re-appearance of green in our yards and gardens. Thanks to
your donations and volunteer efforts, Water With Blessings is able to extend our
mission to ensure more clean water for mothers and vulnerable children in
countries around the world, including Ukraine.

Your partnership with us ensures that our in-country teams can expand our one-
of-a-kind mission that benefits vulnerable children and empowers women to lead
in their homes and communities for safe water. When you learn of children
suffering--and even dying--because of contaminated water, you want to help
create a better future and ensure a lifetime of opportunities for them to survive
and thrive.
As you follow our social media pages and website postings, you can see the
“Heart of a Water Woman” in action as we highlight the work of committed moms
in a different country each day by featuring their photos and their reasons for
wanting to filter water. Your investments in 145,000-plus Water Women using
straightforward technology that requires no chemicals or power source helps
ensure safe drinking water today, whether we are battling outbreaks of cholera or
parasites or the current global threat of COVID-19. These steadfast Water
Women protect the futures of their families and neighbors in their communities in
Honduras, Haiti, the Philippines, Zambia, Uganda and every other country where
our in-country teams work collaboratively.

We ask you to join our collective efforts to gain more philanthropic support for
expanding our mission to reach more of God’s Thirsty Children as we empower
more women to filter clean water. Whether it’s responding to the horrifying
impacts of devastating attacks in Ukraine or planning the first-ever Intertribal
Water Gathering to draw attention to clean water needs in the Navajo Nation and
other indigenous communities, you know that Water With Blessings is able to
respond quickly to disasters or long-standing inequities that limit access to safe
water sources for vulnerable children.
You support our Power of One approach when you choose to participate in our
spring campaign, Water is Life. Because of your investments, we are able to
respond to disasters and emergency needs as well as continue our
comprehensive training sessions to ensure a growing sisterhood of women who
want to provide healthier lives for their families and communities.
You have already made an incredible response for helping people in Ukraine with
your donations and written notes of encouragement to accompany our shipments
of mini-filter kits. Sister Larraine has just returned from another visit to the
Navajo Nation as our work there continues to grow with a local team in place and
more community partners.

As Sister Larraine prepares to travel to Honduras at the end of April for a full
month--her first visit there in more than two years--you can gain behind-the-
scenes insights into her expertise and community-building work when you join
our virtual Waterside Chats. Sister Larraine has built collaborative relationships
and essential partnerships with other global nonprofits to ensure that safe water
is a reality for children in communities that otherwise would continue to suffer
from waterborne diseases.

We can all look for and see God’s light in the midst of the darkness and struggles
that have surrounded us for the past two years. Just as the nourishing spring
rains support blooming flowers and trees, your gift of $150 today—or whatever
amount you choose—helps make possible clean water for struggling children in
more families to grow and thrive. Giving to our mission translates into better
health as one more equipped Water Woman makes clean water flow for 4 more

Thank you for supporting our Water is Life campaign with your gifts and
volunteer actions. Together, we can protect children from suffering, disease and
death with a new start today so that safe, clean water can flow freely for them.
A Wonderful Gift for the People of Zambia

Clean water brings the promise of new life, so there’s no better time than this Easter season to celebrate an extraordinarily generous gift that is designated for God’s thirsty children in Zambia. We just received a gift of $49,700 from a local Louisville foundation which wishes to remain anonymous. This funding will allow us to equip and empower 600 Zambian mothers as new Water Women in the Copperbelt province, where dirty water often means disease and death, especially for small children. We will also be able to carry out some critically important follow-up activities, which will help us to demonstrate the impact of Water Women and their Sawyer PointONE filters! Using our GIS technology, we should have maps and data for 600 new Water Women by the end of August, and by the end of November, follow-up survey results will be in our funder’s inbox. They may be anonymous, but God’s blessing will surely find them!
Easter Sunday  

Gospel of John 20: 1-9  

“As the fish is in the sea, and the sea is in the fish, so are we in God and God is in us.”  
St. Catherine of Siena

As we traveled through the holiest of weeks, we found Jesus immersed in the presence of God in his most challenging mission. With Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, the script for the human race has changed forever. His journey to Jerusalem was a journey of fidelity through the challenges of betrayal, denial and abandoment, ending with torture and death. He moved away from the power of Roman occupiers and the legalism of Pharisees.    

On that Easter day Mary Magdalene came to the tomb of Jesus, grieving and confused, feeling an insurmountable loss, and needing healing in order to move forward. Peter and John are locked in by the walls of fear and despair. With the visit to the tomb everything changed. What began in darkness ended in the light of resurrection. Love overcame death. God has the last word, and the promise of life everlasting for Jesus and all believers. God is the “sea of love.”

“The resurrection of Jesus was a hidden event. Jesus did not use rising from the dead to baffle his opponents or to make a victory statement, or to prove those who crucified him that he was right after all.” Henri Nouwan 

We celebrate today a feast of Hope, and we are called to be “People of Hope.” Death does not rule. God’s Final judgment is resurrection and we move to the mystery of resurrection.  

We also journey to Easter as People of Hope in the midst of great challenges–a pandemic that has taken the lives of over six million people worldwide, never-ending wars, personal loss of loved ones, broken relationships and economic losses. On the road to Jerusalem we take with us the modeling of Jesus, who chose service over power, love over despair, faith in God over turning back on the journey.  

If we are paying attention, every Spring we see flowers blooming, leaves once again covering trees and grass decorating the land. These symbols remind us that, through the resurrection of Jesus we are given new life and the promise of everlasting life.  

We continue our journey realizing that God’s sea of love is never ending. Full stop.  

Water Women around the world experience the sea of love from the many volunteers and donors of Water With Blessings. This is a sea of generosity, and community, of viewing those at a distance as sisters and brothers and offering life. This time of Easter is a time of true life that never leaves one behind.  

Easter: A Time of Hope

Life Restored  

Hope emerges  

Giving continues throughout our world with 

Life-giving water, made possible through

Water With Blessings’ donors and volunteers  

Generosity in and out of season

We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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