Nursing Professionals Make a Difference for Clean Water and Help Share our Mission

May is National Nurses Month and we want to recognize the outstanding work of our Water with Blessings’ board member, Anne Sahingoz, who has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. Anne recently created a special continuing education course on Water Inequity for nurses and the Kentucky Nurses Association. As part of this professional education unit, Anne highlights the work of Water With Blessings. Anne shared that many nurses were surprised to learn that water disparities exist in the United States and that water monitoring is needed to protect thousands of families, including in Kentucky and the Navajo Nation, that lack access to safe public water sources.

“In Kentucky alone, while 1.5 million people are served by public water, there are also 416,000 Kentuckians that rely on springs or wells. Nearly half of rural Kentuckians don’t have access to public water sources,” Anne emphasized.

Anne stressed the importance of nurses compiling information about water sources in patient assessments by asking, “Do you get water from a cistern or well?” If a patient responds in the affirmative, it is important to ask if that person realizes that the water needs to be filtered and that filters are available from Water With Blessings.  Nurses also conduct Community Environmental Assessments to determine if parasites or bacteria are impacting community water sources. Anne points to the effectiveness of the Water With Blessings’ model to empower mothers to support health promotion in their families and communities while helping to decrease the incidence of waterborne diseases.

If you are a nurse or know a family member or friend in nursing, please share the good news and community health impact of Anne’s commitment to Water With Blessings. Contact us to learn how you can access Anne’s presentation online for CEU credits in nursing. Below you can see a few slides from Anne’s Water Inequity presentation. We are grateful to Anne for her awareness that “Change will not come if we wait for someone else.” Anne exemplifies the Power of One person to make a difference for children’s health and clean-water access. Thank you, Anne!
Your Lenten Donations Will Support 68 More Water Women

Thanks to everyone that made generous donations during the Lenten season. Your gifts will make possible 68 more Water Women. We would like to highlight the focused success of the children and parents at St. Joseph Church in Springfield, Illinois that raised funds of $2,722 from parishioners before and after Sunday Masses during one weekend! 

The participating children described themselves as “kids helping thirsty kids in developing countries to have clean water.” The children held empty water pitchers featuring the Water With Blessings logo to raise awareness about the need for clean water for children in Haiti and Honduras. Together, they are making a big impact for mothers and their children in these two countries that would not otherwise be able to access safe drinking water. We thank the children at St. Joseph Church for leading these fundraising efforts for God’s Thirsty Children. Sr. Mary Ellen Backes, OSU, graciously shared these beautiful photos with us.


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With the warmer spring temperatures, there are more opportunities to visit with the Water With Blessings team at community events or volunteer with us to help share our one-of-a-kind mission. Next up will be the Saturday, June 4, Monarch Festival at the Mt. St. Francis Spirituality Center in Indiana. This community event and immersive butterfly experience will begin at noon and conclude at 8:00 pm EDT with free admission and parking. More details about scheduled children’s activities, music, food trucks and the beer/wine garden are available at

We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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