March 21, 2020
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.
“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.”
―  Roy T. Bennett,  The Light in the Heart
Well. Here we are, and another week has passed during this season of Corona Crisis . How are ya?

We've been as busy as bees at Wondrous Roots , not only with our usual daily business but with the added traffic of many seeking advice regarding prevention of the
Covid-19 infection.

Although tensions are running high, I would like to say how wonderful it has been to see many glimpses of silver lining in spite of the unexpected Corona Curve we are currently experiencing.

One of the most remarkable lessons we observe in nature is resilience, and humans have the same capacity to quickly adapt to change. And... not only to adapt, but to find new opportunities ; to find new solutions to problems; to engage in new ideas that will serve us long after whatever crisis that brought them to our attention in the first place has passed (and, yes, this, too, shall pass!).

Reflect back on your own life, and you will have to admit the power of resilience. Not only did your resilience serve you every time you needed it, but with each new adversity, your confidence regarding your ability to be resilient increased.
So did your courage.

This week some cool things I experienced:

Dr. Gene Clerkin of Monadnock Natural Health here in Keene reached out to a few of us other natural healthcare providers in town - Matt & Tecia Abatelli of Cheshire Wellness Center , Allison Millar of Basic Balance , and me.

"The events unfolding in this country and our community is unprecedented. It is not surprising that many of the general public is responding with fear and uncertainty.
I approached Matt this morning with the idea of having a group of natural health care practitioners provide a live webinar to the community so that we could give a voice to the idea that this is not the time to abandon the idea of taking a proactive approach to our health. In fact there has never been a more important time to do that. I know that we’ve all been preaching this message in our daily contact with the community. I also believe that this is the time for us to step up our game and be the guiding light for our community, to let them know that there are resources and that they can enhance and protect their health."

We met together yesterday and are all excited to be collaborating on a weekly round-table webinar regarding various health topics, with a goal to inspire, encourage, and empower through information and education. How fun is that?

Stay tuned for further information and how you can participate!


Restaurants in town with creative take-out options!

Last night we had dinner courtesy of Luca's Mediterranean Cafe .

The food was fantastic, as expected and as always, and Dale was met outside with our order, which included all the wondrous food, candies, and a roll of...

Yeah, I applaud myself for supporting our community by pure self-indulgence. We're doing Luca's again tonight (and not as a sneaky way to stock up on TP!)
Moving on...taking a closer look...
A recent article in Bloomberg titled, “99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says,” illustrates an overlooked point in the corona-panic taking the world by storm: the status of one’s immune system and overall health determines morbidity and mortality, and likely your susceptibility to infection in the first place. 
8 foods that strengthen the lungs....
There are several factors that can affect lung health, including physical activity levels, genetics and environmental conditions. Diet also plays a key role in respiratory health, and incorporating a few of the best foods for your lungs into your diet is a simple strategy that can decrease inflammation, improve pulmonary function and help heal your respiratory tract.

In addition to supplying a wealth of important vitamins, minerals and  antioxidants , these foods have also been researched for their ability to enhance lung health and protect against a number of respiratory conditions.
Osha root for lung health...
Osha, or Ligusticum porteri, (also called bear root) is an important perennial herb that inhabits the dry, upland meadows and ravines of the Rocky Mountain. The beneficial part of the osha plant is the root, which has long been used for cold, cough, and respiratory ailments. The root contains oils, including camphor, saponins, ferulic acid, terpenes, and phytosterols. Because of the range of mechanisms it has, osha root is, arguably, the best American herb for lung and throat concerns.
Seven Major Things One Has to Learn
1. Find joy in this life.
Joy in each minute given to you.

2. Bring joy to others.
Be compassionate.

3. Forgive.
Always. Everyone and yourself.

4. Repent.
Exonerate yourself from sins and mistakes.

5. Laugh.
In your face and soul. To others and to yourself.

6. Breathe.
Freely, deeply, and with pleasure.

7. Sleep.
In plenty and to your heart's content.”

―  Андрій Ворон,  Многії літа. Благії літа.
Wondrous Roots Corona-Time Policy
Many are asking if we are open. What are our plans?

If any of my staff do not feel well, they will not come to work.

If I don't feel well, we will not be open.

Other than that, it is business as usual here at Wondrous Roots.

If it comes to the point we have to close due to a mandate, I am still able to see clients via phone and web and fill orders to ship by mail, so I don't see much changing here at Wondrous Roots.
Our Wondrous Nose is new and improved with antiviral Olive Leaf & Iodine!
The same botanical medicines that fight flu also fight other viruses, such as the dreaded CV...don't be scared... be prepared... that's all.

Choose our economical Cold 'n Flu Kit or simply go for a bottle of Flu-EN Z
A couple of weeks ago I announced we had formulated a hand sanitizer at Wondrous Roots. This flew off our shelves in a flash. We made three more batches, which also went quickly. I decided I would not make more, because we were using the aloe vera gel we use for our skincare products, and that was out of stock from our supplier. However, I reformulated it, and it is now based in a liquid aloe vera gel with witch hazel and essential oils and packaged in spray bottles.
So, at least for now, we have it.
"Go to health!"
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