[ $198 value - FREE ] A 4-Phase Progression for Developing Hurdlers!

I hope your season is going well!

How are your hurdlers developing?

Are they 3-stepping?
Are they creating more speed in between hurdles?
Are they winning races??

If not, I'd like to invite you to join 5,000+ coaches who are currently undergoing the worlds #1 Course for beginner hurdlers,
the 19-Video (1-hour)

Just last season (2018), this very training program allowed a parent (non-coach)
to coach his son from 14-seconds in the 80m hurdles,
to a National Championship GOLD in just 1 season
by following the simply 4-phase progression! ( preview here)

1.  Cycle Drills (to learn the 3-step rhythm)
2.  Jammed Hurdling (to adapt at full-speed)
3.  Over-Speed Hurdling (to remove the fear of crashing)
4.  Hurdle Endurance (to prepare for championship rounds)

The course was created for the beginner coach/parent who has NO CLUE about the hurdles, but wants guaranteed results, THIS season!

Are you ready to learn the simplest path to SPEED over hurdles?

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Good luck this summer!
and I hope to see you and yours at this summers USATF and AAU Nationals!

Run Faster.
Make Them Chase You.
-Coach Cotto
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