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holiday essential oils
Enhance your holiday spirit and a cozy sense of home with scents of the season! Diffuse all-natural therapeutic essentials oils such as...
Frankincense      Spruce
Cinnamon Bark      Nutmeg
Peppermint      Wintergreen
Super Salve
This nourishing, antibacterial salve is wonderful for chapped lips, dry skin, eczema, insect bites, and more!
Immune Strength EO Blend
Be well throughout the holidays! This oil blend is formulated to support a healthy immune system, help fight colds or flu, assist in cleaning the air in the home, and enhance feelings of calm and comfort. Add it to a diffuser or personal aroma inhaler. You can also add it to DIY cleaning products to help purify counters, sinks, and other surfaces in the home.
goat milk soap
Gift yourself or others this all-natural anti-inflammatory soap for use in the bath or shower, or for therapeutic home enemas. Sourced from local organic Wisconsin farms, our goat milk soap is available in two lovely recipes: Frankincense & Myrrh or Chamomile & Sage.
Alpha Base multivitamin support
Using the best vitamin and mineral ingredients, and formulated using the highest standards, Ortho Alpha Base multivitamin supplement provides safe and effective nutritional support.
home enema kit
Give yourself the gift of health
this holiday season!

A signature product of Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC, and the Optimal Health Network, this top-selling home colon cleanse kit will allow you to duplicate the effects of a complete intestinal cleanse performed by a professional colon therapist.
lifetime warranty on silicone enema bags
enema coffee
After treating clients with coffee enemas at the Optimal Health Center for over 15 years with excellent therapeutic results, we developed our own certified organic, air-roasted, low-acid coffee blend.

Caffeine and palmitates are two key therapeutic elements in our coffee that the body uses for an effective detoxification.
Delrin enema nozzles
Our custom-designed Delrin enema nozzles are made of a hard, very smooth plastic and are the easiest type of nozzle to clean. The included connector has a secure, snug fit with the nozzle. The nozzle is easy to insert and stays inside the rectum easily.

These enema nozzles will last a lifetime if properly cared for!

Delrin nozzles are ideal for those with anal fissures and hemorrhoids due to the smoothness of the material and the additional anal dilation induced.
Researched Nutritionals C-RLA Liposomal Vitamin C
Antioxidant Support

C-RLA™ offers doctors and their patients a safe, effective delivery system of high-dose vitamin C and R-lipoic acid in a single liquid formulation.

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