A Valentine’s Day Thank You From Sr. Larraine
This coming weekend, I am invited to two celebrations: a memorial service and a wedding. At first, these may seem to be opposites, one sad and one happy. But something important ties them together.

Friday is the one year anniversary of the death of someone very close to me: one of my Ursuline Sisters who was also a dear friend and encourager of Water With Blessings. The intervening year has been especially hard for her family, who live at a great distance and have been unable to visit her grave.

On Saturday, a young woman who used to work with me will be married. Standing before God, she and her new husband will exchange vows to love and cherish each other, then embark on their new life together, surrounded by the family and friends who will support them with their own love and prayers.

As Valentine’s Day arrives on Tuesday, let’s remember that there is one Source of these two events. It is the same Source of smaller things like those exchanges of cards and candy and flowers with those closest to us – God, who loved us first. It is God’s deep love for each of us, individually and without limit, that empowers us to love one another, and give of ourselves completely in friendship or in marriage.

This is the love that drives our Community for Mission to bring Water With Blessings to God’s thirsty children around the world. Only a very few in our community have actually been to places like Haiti, or Honduras, or Zambia, where the need and suffering are so great.

But each of you has given part of yourself to those whose lives depend on finding clean water. It’s not just a check written or the swipe of a credit card. It is an act of love, the gift of a healthy life, for someone you will never know.

We’ve all heard it many times: I was thirsty and you gave me to drink…When you did it for one of these least of my sisters and brothers, you did it for me…

So as I prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day and those special occasions later in the week, I will give God thanks for bringing so much love into my own life. And I thank you once again for putting God’s love into action for those in need.

May God continue to bless you and your families.

Sr. Larraine
Ripple Effects:
Thanks for Putting Love into Action with Clean Water!
As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to express our gratitude for the Water With Blessings’ donors that have put love into action by creating positive, healthy change for God’s Thirsty Children. We thank our donors for making gifts close to their heart by supporting Water Women around the world with Sawyer PointONE filters and careful preparation.  Your beautiful expressions of enduring love have already helped us train and equip more than 140,000 Water Women in 48 countries to provide clean water for their families and neighbors. Preventing devastating waterborne diseases ensures survival and healthy development for thousands of children. 
Our shared mission of love and compassion is enhanced by the big-hearted actions of all of our donors, volunteers and advocates. We pray for your well-being and that of all Water Women who make a sacred commitment to provide clean water.
For years as a social worker I wore a hat labeled "advocate," standing with those with few financial resources, struggling with bureaucratic institutions. I believe as people of faith, we are all called to be advocates. That is the mission of Water With Blessings, standing with women and children who lack clean drinking water, and trying to change the script of their everyday lives. Whether we are volunteers, employees, or board members we are a community committed to stand with those struggling to survive. I look forward to joining advocates each month to share ideas on what it means to be a community for mission. Together we can make a difference! 
-Sr. Judy Morris, O.P. 
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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