From time to time we are reminded that God often speaks to us in a 'still, small voice' that we can easily ignore if we so choose. But at other times, it feels like God is yelling in our ear or being so insistent and persistent that we can't pretend we don't hear it. And then there are the times that our interest or our curiosity draws us into some avenue of endeavor that we had never consciously dreamed of. The point being...God, in the power if the Holy Spirit, speaks to us often and sometimes in a most insistent or unusual ways. Someone asked me once how a person could tell if the Holy Spirit was prompting them to move in a certain direction or if God was calling them to do something specific. I could only relate to them my own experience of doing what I finally determined God wanted me to do. Actually, I figured it out long before I ever took even a baby step in that direction, but it was an idea, a thought, a dream that would not leave me alone no matter what I did to try to escape it. I tried everything I could think of to avoid doing what I felt certain I was being asked to do. I put God off for 50 years and God did not give up! But eventually, I did! Among other things, I learned that God is incredibly patient...and forgiving...and makes a way when there appears to be no way!!

Rev. Liz Tomlinson