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Year 2021 Issue #9


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“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

— Henry Ford

When AI came to the rescue of local retailers

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Most critics of Artificial Intelligence have been crying foul as the technology powering the robotic machines is portrayed to be taking over our world in an apocalyptical "Terminator" like scenario. And sometimes advancements in AI is frowned upon such as when used in creating "fake news" and influencing opinions and election outcomes.

But this festive season, not only local mom and pop shops but everyone seems to be smiling at this unique way using "Deep fake " AI to make an iconic brand ambassador work for every retailer in a personalized and targeted manner and that too FREE.

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USPS Diwali Stamp

Happy Diwali to all our members! Did you know there was a silicon valley tech connection to getting our own Diwali stamp in the US? 

October 5th, was the five-year anniversary of the official U.S. Diwali stamp being issued in 2016, in which our good friend MR Rangaswamy @Indiaspora helped spearhead the campaign.

As the holiday season approaches, don't forget to order your own Diwali Stamps for greeting cards and mailings.


Promise of Cloud stays strong!

After first publishing our Part 1 and Part 2 point of view on cloud and emerging trends on ASEI website, this article by Himanshu and Piyush has now been published by Indica news as well!

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Upcoming Events

Are you coming to Dr Bindal's Life Celebration?


The Hindu Temple of Metropolitan Washington, Adelphi, MD


11/08/21 5:00pm - 11/08/21 8:00pm US/Eastern
Puja followed by Dinner
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Tribute to ASEI Founder

Dr Hari Bindal

(12/5/1943 - 11/8/2020)

On the anniversary of his passing, the ASEI fraternity remembers its founding father and would like to join his family in celebration of his life and accomplishments. A quintessential community builder and a respected Civil Engineer, his contributions to the Ganga Rejuvenation Project earned him the prestigious “Pravasi Bharatiya Samman” in 2017 from the President of India and “Pravasi UP Ratna” Award from the Governor of Uttar Pradesh in 2019.

We miss Hariji!

November 8 | 5 pm ET

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34th Annual Convention

ASEI has a tradition of holding annual conventions hosted by rotation in different cities. Would you like to provide input, volunteer, speak or sponsor the event?

Jan 15 &16 | Save the Date

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Past Events

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ASEI Design Summit

Question: What do you get when left brained engineers and scientists meet right brained creative designers? 

Answer: A melding of logical and creative minds to bring together an inspirational event titled ASEI Design Summit.


On October 9th, we convened this Design Summit with a number of academics, authors, speakers and practitioners covering innovation in Design from multiple perspectives and it was covered in several media outlets such as NewsIndia Times  , Malayalam Daily NewsIndica News, SouthAsian Monitor


For recording and summary blog,

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Engineering Tales : Startup v/s Corporate

We had an open and candid discussion on career choice especially while starting out, as a Clubhouse Exclusive discussion. . Be it working for an established company or a startup, the key is to be ready to learn unlearn and relearn as newer technologies and processes emerge and we march forward.

Key questions covered in this discussion by Piyush Malik, Nazila Mathari, Vijji Suryadevara, Preetha Ram, Srini Vemula and others from #ASEI and beyond centered around growth, innovation, experience and more.

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Mentor Connect: Leadership Skills

ASEI Mentor Connect cohort for 2021 culminated its 6 month long structured engagement in October. Members had the opportunity to hear from two shining examples in our mentor community SomaSundaram (President and CEO, ChampionX) and K. Venkatesh Prasad (Ford) on Oct 24th as part of our Mentor Connect initiative. We will be sharing more on this highly engaging program via blogposts so here is a first in the series of articles by ASEI Silicon Valley board meDivya Ashok covering this vital benefit of ASEI membership.

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Social Impact Innovation Contest

ASEI is proud to have partnered and supported in amplifying the reach of Kaaj Impact Social Innovation Pitch Contest on Oct 30th. Sectors like education, drinking water, sanitation, financefarmingclimate change and much more were top of mind for the social innovators who participated. Great show put together by Anuradha Jagadeesh & Archana Panda with support of TiE Silicon Valley, AGK Karunakaran , Radhika Shah, Madan PadakiArun Nagpal,  BV Jagadeesh

San Francisco Consul General Dr TV Nagendra Prasad presided over the event and announced results. A number of #ASEI members including President Piyush Malik hosted an open social impact engineering innovation discussion on social media club "Engineering Tales"  Clubhouse supporting this event too! Congrats to all the winners!

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Youth Corner

Do you know any students (high school or Undergraduate) who could benefit from volunteering during the summer months and earning service hour credits? Look no further, ASEI is now accredited to offer Volunteer Service hours and Presidential awards depending on the level of student’s contributions and involvement. Contact any of the editors of this newsletter for more details.

Meet UN Youth Icon Aditya Indla

Aditya Indla, a senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, is proving to everyone that you are never too young to take a stand for what you believe in!

ASEI youth segment leader Aditya Guthey interviews Aditya Indla and in addition to finding more about his AI infused robotics project that was showcased last year in California State as well as at ASEI YTE events, we find out how he is much more than a STEM student  

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