ESL/ABE Newsletter – Issue 18 – 4/6/2021
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ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Spring has sprung and it is time to celebrate our accomplishments! Let’s think about what we have achieved so far. We test ourselves regularly as a way of measuring our accomplishments. Nevertheless, there are many accomplishments that cannot be measured by tests. Academic accomplishments include being on time and attending class regularly, navigating virtual technology, and helping our classmates when they reach out to us. These characteristics make us proud of our skills and academic accomplishments!
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Student Accomplishments
Instructor Beth Moyer, says “I have awesome students!”
Here are their accomplishments:
  • Brenda A. (GED student) - accomplished excellent class attendance, and improved test scores
  • Vicky F. (GED student) - many hours logged on Essential Education and class participation
  • Nasra B. (GED student) - logged many hours on Essential Education and passed Math and Science GED Tests
  • Niaisa C. (GED student) - excellent attendance and class participation
  • Marcus M. (GED student) - excellent attendance and class participation
  • Monica A. (GED student) - excellent class participation and improved test scores
  • Holly B. (GED student) - excellent attendance and class participation
  • Hui Y. (GED student) - improved class attendance and class participation
  • Olufunke E. (GED student) - excellent class participation
  • Afsheen A. (GED student) - excellent class participation
  • Yancy A. (ESL student) - excellent attendance, excellent class participation and amazing notebook for class
  • Gladys L. - Escalante (ESL student) - excellent attendance and class participation

Here are more students’ accomplishments:

  • Stephanie Franklin’s student, Teofila M., has been post-tested and has advanced 2 levels!
  • Cynthia Walker’s student, Miriam G., has been post-tested and has moved up 1 level!
  • Christine Thalmann’s student, Alba A., has been post-tested and has scored eight points higher than her previous test!
  • Michele Tate’s student, Fredy G., has been post-tested and has scored ten points higher than the last time!
  • Michele Tate’s former student, Dahee L., ESL student level 5, has been tested in Reading and Math and she is ready to enter the NEDP program!
  • Nick Smiley’s advanced class student, Stella Y., has been elected to Phi Theta Kappa!
Our Students in the Community
Up-cycle Bottle Craft with
World Wide Hope founder Griselda Jiménez,
at the Dorchester Center for the Arts
Our student (NEDP), Griselda Jiménez, founder of World Wide Hope, is offering a workshop at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. Turn trash into treasure during this up-cycling workshop with World Wide Hope founder Griselda Jiménez. Students will learn about caring for the environment while creating art out of a recycled bottle. This class is taught in both English and Spanish.
One Day Workshop for Ages 6 – 17.
 Saturday (1-4pm); Session I: April 17; Session II: May 1
 Cost – $15 Members, $20 Non-members

Upcoming Events at Chesapeake College
Parents and Children: Your Child's Social and Emotional Well-Being
Tuesdays from April 13 to May 4, 2021, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Career Planning and Pathways at Chesapeake

Chesapeake College provides the tools and courses to guide you to the career of your choice. Go to, scroll down to the career you are interested in, and click on the ‘SELECT PATH’ box (ex. Health Care). The Adult Education team can guide you towards a Health Profession or a Skilled Trade career pathway. You can participate in ESL/GED classes while also attending Health Profession and/or Skilled Trade classes.​ 

Students can also go to, register, sign in, and click on the ‘More’ dropdown menu. Then click on College and Careers. The Career Coach is a video tutorial to help you understand career planning tools and resources that the GED website offers. Have fun exploring while you decide on the right career choice for you.
Job Opportunities published by Chesapeake College
Community Resources
Immigration Consultations
If you need help with citizenship, family petitions, adjustment of status, asylum, or visas, you can consult any of the following organizations:
COVID-19: How well do masks work?
How Well Do Masks Work” is an important video on PBS’s Digital YouTube Channel. It was written and hosted by Joe Hanson. You can add subtitles in Spanish. Please share this video with your family, your friends, and your peers. We are all in this together!
“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop”.
– Confucius, Chinese philosopher. 
Our Star Students
Adelaida De Paz De Leon, Instructors: Judy Gordon and Ceres Bainbridge
Always eager to participate in class, Adelaida has perfect attendance this semester. She is a smart worker in class and on her own. She recently accomplished an increase of 2 levels on her most recent tests.  Adelaida has three children. She is the perfect example of an excellent student and is a joy to have in our class.
Yancy Araujo Mejia, Instructor: Beth Moyer
She has faithfully attended classes every week, even when she has to work. She participates in class frequently and is very helpful to other students. She is dedicated to learning and maintains a notebook that is very organized. She is an excellent example of the type of student who is very successful in our program. She is a pleasure to have in class!
Cindy Araujo Mejia, Instructor: Malica Dunnock
Cindy is a hardworking, outstanding student. She works very hard outside of her home, but she also finds time to dedicate to her studies. She is an excellent speller and understands new concepts very easily in class. Although she is shy, she is a leader and always volunteers to answer questions even when she is not confident that she has the right answer. She recently took her post-test and went up an entire level.
Cindy is an exceptional student, and she is a good role model for her family, especially for her daughter. Her daughter often pops into our classes and I think it is important that she sees her mother studying, learning, and progressing her education.
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Brain Game: 3-Letter Challenge
Fill in the boxes so that each column contains a 3-letter word. Use the letters on the line below the grid to help you. If you complete each set correctly, the letters in the center row will spell the name of an animal. The first one is done for you.
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TEACHER’S CORNER: Solution to last issue’s Brain Game: 40
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