Would you like to get your blood pressure under better control? How about your blood sugar? Uncontrolled blood pressure and/or diabetes can raise your risk of a costly heart attack or stroke.

Your blood pressure should be 130/84 or lower. Your blood sugar should have the a1c value anywhere from 6 to 8 depending on your age as well as how healthy you are otherwise.

Starting in 2019, we will be offering “behind the scenes” help with these! We are partnering with Sandra Sutter, BSN to help keep you healthy! She will be conducting monthly check-ins (either in person or on the phone) and providing you with education and help to meet your goals. The cost of this program is just $10/month added to your membership!

She will be setting up monthly group meetings on the third Thursday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. If you attend group sessions, every 3 months when you meet your new goal, you will get a $15 gas card!

  • Month 1, 5, 9== what is your (new) baseline? What are YOUR goals? What are OUR goals? What one thing can you work on this month? (e.g. take meds every day, check BP once a week, check sugar daily)
  • Month 2, 6, 10==info about diet (DASH for BP, low carb/ketogenic for DM)
  • Month 3, 7, 11== info about exercise
  • Month 4, 8, 12== a1c and/or BP check at the office, reassess goals (could be with just Sandy or with both her and Dr. Host)

Call today 419-872-3250 to register and learn more about session dates!