Dayton Workforce Partnerships is investing
to support the next generation of workers
(L-R) Yolanda Munguia-Premier Health; Angelia Mickle, Dean, School of Nursing, Cedarville University; Doris Adler-Executive Director-DWP; LaToya Masterson-Premier Health
present scholarships to two Cedarville University students
December 14, 2020
DWP and a group of local companies have stepped up their commitments to bolster the pipeline of next-generation workers by funding scholarships designed to attract and retain local talent.

Dayton Workforce Partnerships (DWP), a tax-exempt public charity and workforce program that connects Miami Valley employers to local talent, issued 23 scholarships this year to students within its partner network, which includes 11 two- and four-year colleges and nine area high schools.

Premier Health, Winsupply, Vectren, Woolpert and Booz Allen Hamilton sponsored this year's program, which provides scholarships for students pursuing degrees and certificates in high-demand fields — like STEM, healthcare, business and manufacturing — at local colleges.

"For first-year college students to have a major local business sponsor them is a win-win for everyone," said Ron Adler, who co-founded DWP in 2015 with his wife, Doris. 
Doris and Ron Adler are the co-founders of Dayton Workforce Partnerships — a tax-exempt public charity and workforce program that connects Miami Valley employers to local talent.

In 2020, DWP expanded its partnership network to include nine local high schools, Adler said. Seniors are eligible to apply for a DWP scholarship provided that they enroll in one of DWP's partner colleges — like Sinclair, Wright State, Miami, UD and others — upon graduation.

Because each high school scholarship winner is sponsored by a DWP partner business, it opens the door for future job shadowing, internship and employment opportunities as well, Adler said.

"That instant connection is important to first-year college students," Adler said. "And it provides businesses the ability to begin recruiting talent early, and also have access to other high school students at the scholarship winner's former high school."

This year, DWP's partner businesses awarded 14 scholarships to college students and nine to graduating high school seniors. Next year, DWP is expanding its high school program to reach more underserved students, including first-generation college attendees, students living in poverty and those who came through the foster care system.

"They can use our scholarship dollars to get certificates at Sinclair or other community colleges to make them more employable," Adler told me. "We just want to help students that have a few more obstacles in their life ... and help give them a pathway."

Scholarship winners are also eligible to apply for renewable scholarships every year while in college, provided they maintain their academic standing.

December 17, 2020
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