What Else Would You Call a Parent or a Teacher?

Dear Friends of Riley's Farm,

The Harvest: Our crop report this week just about matches last week's. With the exception of Braeburns, we still have a lot of apples to pick. Complete Crop Report Here. Remember, November harvests are fairly rare, so if you missed apple picking, now is the time! Later this afternoon (Nov. 10, 2023), we will be posting our harvest map and event schedule at rileysfarm.com.

Civil War Re-enactment: Re-enactors from all over Southern California will join us this Saturday, November 11, for a commemoration of the great American struggle that claimed so many lives ending slavery and preserving the Union. Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the gate. Event details.

Christmas Events: Eight of the 14 currently scheduled "Christmas Carol" performances are now sold out, and Nine of 14 "Christmas in the Colonies" events are sold out. Some of the remaining shows are getting close, so don't wait.

A Christmas Carol ♦ Tickets

Christmas in the Colonies ♦ Tickets

2024 Dinner Shows: All of our 2024 shows are now on the calendar for purchase through to Sleepy Hollow in October. (Revolutionary Evenings, Finnegan's Wake, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Big Band, Sleepy Hollow). Gabriel is working on bringing back Rockabilly Nights and Ragtime Medley. Keep following our website for details.

The Harvest Feast: Special thanks to everyone who made Harvest Feast a success this year. We have one show left open, November 17, 2023. Join us!

Field Trips: Over 26,000 students are now signed up for living history field trips in the coming year, up 30% from last year. I have never seen so many new schools! We're talking about brand new Christian, homeschool, charter, and private schools. The public schools are coming back too!

The beautiful thing about that for me, is it speaks to the America I know -- parents and teachers who want to teach children about one of the greatest experiments in world history -- the American experiment. If you were to spend the next hour on Twitter, or watching legacy media, I can guarantee you would hear a fair number of "grievance brats" -- people who have no gratitude for the blessings they enjoy, and the sacrifices that were made for them. But I get to see -- every day, right here -- the salt of the earth--the grateful, the hopeful, the believing.

How else would you describe, after all, a parent or a teacher?

See you soon,

James Riley

Riley's Farm


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One of our growth ideas: people are beginning to buy the braised beef pie (pictured) and the chicken pot pie in large quantities and they scrape it right down to the tin, when they eat it here. Could we produce these in quantity and break out regionally with them? Someone ask Mr. Wonderful.

I've learned, over the years, that it doesn't really take centuries to build a forest. You can grow a respectable canopy of poplars in 5 years, while the maples and the oaks catch up. All of these trees you see here were planted by the Rileys in the last twenty years.