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Candida Yeast Balance Kit
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Over-the-counter or prescription drugs kill yeast overgrowth without supporting overall health. OHN's recommended protocol, in contrast, addresses the root cause of yeast overgrowth and also helps to improve immune, liver, and colon health. Based on over 20 years of clinical experience, this program has assisted hundreds of our clients to return to optimal health.

What Is Candida?

Candida albicans is the name of a strain of yeast-like fungus naturally existing in the microflora of most people -- in the digestive tract, from the mouth to the rectum, and also in the vagina. It is normally a harmless parasite kept in check by a properly functioning immune system and plentiful beneficial gut bacteria and does not cause any problems. However, if your relative number of beneficial bacteria decreases, your immune system is weakened, or your biochemistry is otherwise imbalanced, yeast proliferation can occur and give rise to a variety of health challenges. This yeast overgrowth phenomenon is called candidiasis.

How To Heal from Candida Overgrowth
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herbs and supplements
Support your immune system with appropriate herbs and supplements.
Our diets do not always give us the breadth and dosage of vitamins and nutrients we need to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Therefore, taking the right immunity-boosting formula on a daily basis could make a world of difference for your health.

I trust and recommend the following immune support supplements offered by Standard Process, Researched Nutritionals, and Ortho Molecular:


Echinacea Premium

Transfer Factor Multi-Immune

IgG Protect


Reacted Zinc

Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA
How does a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) help you achieve a longer, healthier life in a world that is often toxic and stressful?

HTMA addresses your individual bodily needs. Each of us needs a nutritional and cleansing program tailored to our own body's particular requirements. HTMA looks at the last three months of your tissue activity. This allows a view into your body's nutritional state, heavy metal load, and ratios between minerals. Mineral ratios are indicators of adrenal function, thyroid function, carbohydrate metabolism, and your body's overall ability to handle stress.

HTMA can give you critical facts about your body before you become chronically ill or face a serious disease. Imagine, for example, that you are feeling tired all of the time, so you decide to visit your doctor...
inflatable retention nozzles
This enema nozzle system features premium silicone parts. The nozzle is inserted along with the first balloon. Both balloons are then inflated, creating an internal feeling of fullness and an external seal. Once the seal is created, enema solution is delivered into the rectum via an enema bag system. The premium silicone is very soft yet flexible, for comfortable use. Each bulb has an integrated release valve for quick deflation and easy removal.

Easy Home Enema Kits
Developed by Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC , our economical Easy Home Enema Kits include open-top enema bags, which allow for easy mixing of your enema solution and easy cleaning of the bag.

enema equipment cleaning kit
This cleaning kit includes one 4-oz. bottle of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and one 8-oz. bottle of unscented coconut oil soap. Both of these quality NutriBiotic products can be used to clean and sterilize your enema equipment after each use. This kit also includes one nylon cylinder brush for manually cleaning the internal surfaces of enema nozzles and colon tubes.

air-roasted enema coffee
After treating clients with coffee enemas at the Optimal Health Center for over 15 years with excellent therapeutic results, we developed our own certified organic, air-roasted, low-acid coffee blend.

Caffeine and palmitates are two key therapeutic elements in our coffee that the body uses for an effective detoxification.
coffee beans

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