October 29, 2019

Be a Holiday Hero… Host a Holiday Party!

WHY:  To help customers, friends, family, potential new customers who all deserve to do their holiday shopping in a relaxed, comfortable way. Hosting a holiday party gives you an opportunity to introduce L’BRI to new customers, schedule new parties, and offer the opportunity to everyone who attends. But, the most important reason of all is to build relationships and make additional income for your own holiday expenses.

WHEN:   Anytime, but early enough so orders can be placed in time for holiday delivery – December 15, 2019.

WHERE: In your home or another location such as a club house, restaurant banquet room, etc. It can also be an online party or a catalog show.

WHO:   Invite everyone you know who has not yet tried L’BRI. Invite customers and past hosts. Offer them small sample gifts for bringing friends. Also invite guests who may enjoy becoming a L’BRI Consultant.

HOW:   Here are some ideas, tips and options:

  • Host a holiday party in an open house style where customers stop by and shop for a few hours.

  • Set up stations: a "gift ideas" table and gift wrap options, "makeup for the holidays" station that features the Holiday Beauty Bundle, and a "mini-facials" station with skin care products for those new to L’BRI.

  • Display Product Specials and Host Bonus with a holiday flair – the actual products if you have them and/or flyers.

  • Set up your holiday displays early so you can greet your guests as they arrive. People schedule shows with you because they like you. Building relationships helps them feel comfortable about inviting you into their home to share L’BRI with their friends.

  • Use the Client Profile to offer four party experiences and fun theme party ideas. Gather their thoughts about making some extra money with L'BRI.

  • Let every guest know the benefits of sharing L’BRI with friends by hosting a L’BRI party. Not only will they get lots of product rewards, their friends will also learn about pure and safe products that are effective and affordable. Your hosts will be super heroes, and you will build your business, earn more money plus receive $75 FREE L’BRI Credit for each booking from your holiday party!

  • If a guest is placing a large order, suggest she put a quick party together with a few friends and get some of her order for FREE and super discounted.

  • To boost December bookings, use the Pick Your Price for December posted in the Learning Center under Booking Shows.

Planning a fun, holiday party of your own is a big win/win for your guests, future hosts, future Consultants and YOU!
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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway idea... coming in a few days!
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Lin Ragle
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