In honor of our service men and women, with every Bergen mold or mold part order ($7,500 or above), from now until July 4th, we will donate $150 to the Folds of Honor Project. Individuals and company contributors will be recognized with a certificate and Folds of Honor gift.

Bergen Industries has been manufacturing concrete products molds for over 100 years! Bergen uses modern, high-tech equipment and a proprietary steel formula to manufacture molds that will help you produce high quality products with extremely long mold life. Bergen’s extensive testing program and innovative research and development will help you save money and produce the best possible products.

Team PATHFINDER/Bergenr copy should address 3
Please have a PATHFINDER Sales Representative CONTACT me >>>>>>>

Paul Wank | | 616-283-3550
Ron Yubeta | | 616-403-9730
Mark Arbet | | 770-380-8524
Larry Hilldore | | 616-283-2227
Travis Hilldore | | 616-403-7174
Chris Buchheister | | 616-377-9422

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