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  • News Flash! 2021 Award for Excellence 
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News Flash!
Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice, and Standards, edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills is the winner of the 2021 Award for Excellence from the National Genealogical Society in the category of Writing Competition: Methods and Sources. NGS will make the official presentation to Ms. Mills during its May 19-2-, 2021 virtual conference. More news to follow. View Book Details
Excerpt from
Scottish Genealogy:
The Basics and Beyond
by David Dobson
Today we are highlighting the first of several sections from Dr. David Dobson’s new book, Scottish Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond. The product of Mr. Dobson’s fifty years of research in Scotland, the British Isles, continental Europe and beyond, this new book is guaranteed to introduce researchers with Scottish ancestry to sources they’ve never laid eyes on. Genealogists can also view Scottish Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond as both a substantial update and expansion to our older textbook, Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry. Third Edition, by the late Kathleen B. Cory. For Dobson not only itemizes numerous manuscript and published sources not covered in other books—often illustrating them with facsimile images—he also tells you where you can find them, including on the Internet.

In order to convey more of the flavor of David Dobson’s new book, we have excerpted a portion of his Introduction, as well as the book’s list of Illustrations. The latter refers to many of the sources readers will encounter in the volume itself.
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You May Have Royal Cousins!  
What do you and Prince Harry and HRH Prince William have in common? The exciting possibility is that you and they are cousins, as well as cousins to both of their royal parents.

In the film The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), Mary Boleyn is depicted as having had a five-year relationship as the mistress of Henry VIII, King of England, despite her marriage to William Carey, Gentleman of the Privy and Esquire of the Body of the King. Carey was not allowed at court during the time of Mary’s affair with the King. The question concerning the paternity of Mary’s two children, William Carey (1st Baron Hunsden) and Dame Catherine Carey, by Henry VIII is raised by author Marston Watson in his book entitled Royal Families: Americans of Royal and Noble Ancestry. Volume Four: Pelham – Avery – West.
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