May 6, 2020
Wednesday Story
Hi Martha

Meet the Bonilla family! Zulema and her husband live in a community known as La Florida about 40 minutes away from Las Cabas Health Center. The Bonilla’s travel using their motorcycle which sometimes gets stuck in the mud forcing them to walk while they push their motorcycle. When this happens, it takes almost 2 hours to get to the health center to receive medical attention. One day in particular, while the Bonilla’s were headed to the health center to vaccinate their beautiful baby Will, who is 6 months old, the motorcycle became stuck in the mud. The family made it to the health center and were able to receive the vaccination for baby Will. Along with his vaccination, Will received his vitamins called "Chispitas" which are for children under two years old to prevent anemia. Baby Will is healthy and receives medical attention regularly despite living in a rural area in the mountains.

The Bonilla family is extremely grateful to Predisan and its supporters for providing the much needed access to healthcare. Although these victories may seem small to the average person, you know that they are not. That's why you gave, and why the families we serve and our staff are full of gratitude for your generosity. Donors like you help make our services possible, ensure that our patients and families are empowered, healthy, spiritually fed, and guarantee that we can offer programs to those, that otherwise, can not afford these life-enhancing activities. We are so blessed that you continue to see the vision of Predisan!
Thank you for all you do to make our communities in Honduras a better place!

Dr. Amanda Madrid