Ringing In 2021!
Welcome to 2021 everyone!

Let's start this year off with a bang! This is Perma-Chink Systems 40th Anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, all year long we will celebrate with customer giveaways and prizes. We're doing a 40 for 40 extravaganza where every 40 days during our 40th Anniversary we will be giving something awesome for our customers. Stay tuned to emails and social media for upcoming prizes!

This year we look forward to some great homes being built and restored, we love seeing people keep the log home tradition alive. Looking back at 2020, we've seen many successful projects - not all log cabins, by the way - that truly exemplify the purpose of Perma-Chink Systems - to preserve wood homes and structures for generations to come.

We will continue to support our customers through webinars, phone calls, and email to make sure your project gets your desired result. We pride on giving customers the best support out there, and we will do our best to help.

As always, our regional sales branches across the United States provides quick responses for product orders and a familiar face (or voice) when our customers need assistance. Depending on the ongoing COVID-19 policies, sales branches may continue with contactless in-store pick-ups to keep our customers and staff safe.

We look forward to helping our customers, current and those to come, in this new year.

Thank You,
Perma-Chink Systems
Energy efficiency is a hot topic in today's building industry, and log and timber homes owners should have a different expectation compared to stick-built homes.
Construction of your log home requires items designed specifically for the unique building process of log homes.

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Centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, roaches, crickets, ants, beetles, spiders, wasps, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, bats and mice are just some of the pests that manage to find their way into homes.

It’s just about impossible to keep all of them from getting in, but there are several things that you can do to significantly reduce the number of pests that make it inside your home. Most have to do with blocking the ways they can enter. Furthermore, there are also some things you can do outside to make your home less attractive to pest invaders.
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