ESL/ABE Newsletter – Issue 15 – 1/12/2021
Stay Connected, Stay Learning! | ¡Sigue Conectado, Sigue Aprendiendo!
A New Year! Happy New Year! It is a good time to review and set goals. Let’s make SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely) this year. Are you beginning a new class, a training program, or a new career pathway? Your instructor or your Student Navigator can help you create goals that will lead you to achieve a higher level of English proficiency, a Maryland State High School Diploma, and future aspirations.

Classes have started but Registration is open until January 15th! 
Currently, our program has 26 GED & ESL classes, a transition class, and many NEDP students actively engaged.  
Our Registration Team can help you get started! 
Make your appointment today!
Now offering CNA classes - Register now!
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes start Feb 16th. Must be work eligible.
For more information, please email:
Learn how Easy it is to Attend Classes using a Computer, Chromebook, Tablet or Smartphone from the Comfort of Your Home!
The ESL Experience
The ABE/GED Experience
Our GED Instructional Resources
Come join our GED® virtual classes! Our instructors use a variety of resources to maximize your learning experience like virtual platforms, online textbooks, videos, and fun interactive activities. These online resources are cell phone friendly, so you can study anywhere, anytime! You and your instructor will develop a learning plan to improve your basic skills and maximize your learning. Online assessments allow you and your instructor to monitor your progress. Interactive lessons will engage you in activities that expand your critical thinking skills and develop your relationship skills among your peers – these are crucial skills for success in school and at work!
Classmates' Comments:

  •  Afsheen Asad – "I like virtual class because it is very flexible to me. I can take class without ignoring my home activities and kids too."

  • Monica Armstrong  "I like my virtual class because it's a smaller setting. You don't have to worry about wearing masks and trying to study. Our teacher has time to help us one on one, when she can, without a big class. I understand things better now, with her help. We do fun activities while learning, which is very helpful. When I need extra help, she gives me work to do. Essential Education is helpful as well now that I am able to understand it more. I am more comfortable and can give it my all."
Our ESL Instructional Resources
BURLINGTON ENGLISH is a virtual platform that offers three different programs: Burlington Core, English in America and Career Exploration and Soft Skills. These programs help students work on different skills based on their educational goals. Students can work on job readiness skills, US citizenship lessons, and other life skills. These programs allow our students to work in class and have access to their lessons at any time to work at their own pace.
For students who do not have internet access, Cell-ED is available and is designed for cell phone use. Students can get daily practice and work outside of the classroom.
Classmate's Comment:

  • Teofila Martinez I love Burlington English because I am learning common words and phrases all the time. I have access to my lessons at any time, and I can learn at my own pace. Definitely, something I can use anywhere at any time.”
COVID 19 Reminder
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated most coronavirus infections are spread by people who have no symptoms. Therefore,

  • Wear a mask at all times outside the home

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly for at least 30 seconds.

  • If you go out, keep a distance of 6 feet or more between you and other people.

  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces in your home, such as tables, doorknobs, countertops, phones, keyboards, etc.
“A winner is someone who sets his goals, commits himself to them
and then pursues them with all his ability” -Anonymous
Job Opportunities published by Chesapeake College
Brain Game:
Automobile ride: In the morning, a man drives from home to work at an average speed of 20 miles per hour. At the end of the day, he drives back home on the same road at an average speed of 30 miles per hour. What is the average speed for the round trip? Hint: change the time to minutes to solve it.
You can find the answers in our next issue!
TEACHER’S CORNER: Solution to last issue’s Brain Game:
Nebraska and New York.
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Stay Connected, Stay Learning!
Elaine Wilson
ESL and GED Program Director
Chesapeake College
For information on our programs, please contact:
Danie Thomas, ABE Intake Specialist at (410) 829-6043 or
Karen Luceti, ESL Intake Specialist at (410) 443-1163