Perspective - it is quick to change. The ability to see the world through the lens of another changes during a crisis. We get a glimpse into what it means to be without ready access to food, family, loved ones, parks, freedom to travel. The list goes on. Please take a minute to watch this short video. This pandemic only compounds the struggles of families in our community experiencing homelessness.
Our first donation was from one of our graduates . . . she had just received her paycheck and made sure to give us $125. I decided to match her donation because I already match her belief that other families like hers deserve a chance to obtain a safe place to live. Do you share her belief? Will you match her donation?
You can make a secure gift online. Given current restrictions and delays in receiving mail, please consider making a gift online in lieu of sending a check. Thank you!
THANKS to all who have donated, helping us ensure families stay safe. Thanks for protecting the most vulnerable!
With gratitude,
Camilla Worrell
Executive Director
Family Promise of Cobb County
#ProtectTheMostVulnerable ⭐️
Family Promise of Cobb County is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Your gifts are tax deductible.