May 1, 2021

Thank you once again for joining yesterday's Bystander Intervention Training sponsored by Pax Christi USA. We're so grateful that you were part of our day yesterday!

As promised, here are the myriad of things that we agreed to forward you (The list looks long, but take what you want):
  1. The Training Evaluation form: We take our evaluations very seriously, so if you can spend just a few minutes with this, you'll be helping us continue to create the best training opportunities possible.
  2. The American Friends Service Committee's "Don't Be A Bystander" video.
  3. A list of our upcoming Skills Trainings, open to the Public
  4. "Breaking Through Fear and Hate to Forge a New Way", by our own Peter Dougherty
  5. An opportunity for you to practice the violence de-escalation skills you've learned from us (a joint effort of MPT's with the Metta Center for Nonviolence in Petaluma, CA).
  6. Walter Wink's article, "The Third Way": Jesus wanted us to think outside the box, not be a doormat.
  7. Quick Tips for Positive Body Language
  8. The Self Care Checklist
  9. The Berrigan-McAlister Award - A special event per Pace e Bene
  10. Our Next International Team to the West Bank
  11. Recommended Resources from yesterday's Training

Special thanks to Johnny Zockovitch and PCUSA for making this all happen. 💖

Please feel free to get in touch with us at any time if we may be a support to you, and/or if you'd like to get more involved. You are always welcome here!

With Sincere Appreciation,
MPT's Training Team for this event (in alphabetical order):
Elliott Adams, Layla Ananda, Melody Arnst, Peter Dougherty,
Mary Hanna, Kim Redigan, and Linda Tomala
Please fill out our
Training Evaluation
Our Training Evaluation is quick and on-line: Just click on the button below.
Bystander Intervention Trainings and
Violence De-Escalation Skills Trainings

We have just updated our website to add many more of our trainings to the calendar that are "Open to the Public" ...both Bystander Intervention Skills Trainings (4 hours) and Violence De-Escalation Skills Trainings (8 hours over two days).  Follow this link (below) to see the current offerings!
We can also work with you and your organization to create a separate training that is specific to your needs. Please just contact us.

Our Challenge: Breaking Through Fear and Hate to Forge a New Way
Coming May 6, 2021 at 7PM!
In our current dangerous “political” climate, we need to stretch ourselves - to better understand how and why “the other half” of people think and act the way they do, and better understand evidence of our own biases that can be part of the problem. This webinar presents a big picture framework that can be helpful in our efforts to confront violence and heal our broken world. Presented by MPT's co-founder, Peter Dougherty. No charge, but donations welcome. REGISTER HERE.
Review and Practice Your Skills!
The Metta Center for Nonviolence is teaming up with Meta Peace Team for a monthly one-hour nonviolence skills practice sessions in 2021 with skills ranging across the spectrum of nonviolent intervention and personal nonviolent development.
The sessions will begin with a short inspirational reading, a skill review, and then participants will have a chance to practice together.
You MUST register ahead of time and be available with video on Zoom for the sessions. This project is part of the Third Harmony Project and the Meta Peace Team's Hubs Program.
Next Session:
May 20, 12-1 pm PST (3-4 pm EST) Register Here
“Jesus does not encourage Jews to walk a second mile in order to build up merit in heaven, or to be pious, or to kill the soldier with kindness. He is helping an oppressed people find a way to protest and neutralize an onerous practice despised throughout the empire. He is not giving a nonpolitical message of spiritual world transcendence. He is formulating a worldly spirituality in which the people at the bottom of society or under the thumb of imperial power learn to recover their humanity.” Walter Wink
Quick Tips for
Positive Body Language
Click on the link below for the "cheat sheet" of tips
Your Self-Care Checklist
This is a great place to start, but it's only the beginning. Add your own ideas to the list!
From our Peace Partners at Pace e Bene:
Resources and Recommendations
These are just a handful of the books and films that were proposed as good resources during yesterday's Training. We'd like YOU to add the ones we missed so we can share them all widely!
...once again for spending the day with us yesterday. It was a wonderful way to celebrate PRAYER→STUDY→ACTION
with you.
Thank you so much for your support!

We appreciate all you've done to support our work, and we ask that you continue to be a part of transforming this world for the generations to come.....
Under the pandemic relief program, taxpayers can deduct up to $300, even if they take the standard deduction.  Read more at The New York Times article