Volume 82, No. 1, July 2020

 Conversations on Racial Injustice
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July 1, 2020
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Summer Dine-Out/Take-Out Nights
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July 1—California Pizza Kitchen, Pasadena
July 8—Paco’s Mexican Restaurant, Arcadia
July 15—Canoe House, South Pasadena
July 22—El Portal, Pasadena
July 29—Matt Denny’s, Arcadia
And more coming in August!
Our History of Violence
This special edition of the Voter is only the beginning of an effort to place a spotlight on institutional racism, the system of power designed to maintain it, and mechanisms to dismantle it.
President’s Message

LWV-PA has a new president, with a key message and a critical mission in a turbulent time. In the coming weeks and months, Leaguers will be offered opportunities to further our goal of fighting institutional racism—and it starts with you .
What’s Going On

You say one person does not make a difference? It is time to truly look at ourselves and make the choice to take action and make that difference, or compromise our integrity. Let us speak out loud and hard—and we can start by acknowledging our common humanity.

A Chokehold on Reform

AB 392, signed into law almost a year ago, requires California police to lethal force only when necessary, not merely “reasonable.” And yet the largest producer of law enforcement policy manuals is refusing to step up to the plate and amend the guidelines. What’s being done (and not done) about this—and how can you help?
July Units

Unit meetings take place in smaller virtual settings to empower, encourage, inform, and uplift. Come join the Units each month except for June, July, August, and December.

Focus on DEI

Next year our League will maintain a constant focus on DEI to integrate its goals into all aspects of our work. Over the summer months, expect a personal invitation from me to engage in small-group discussions over Zoom. I hope you will accept and give me the opportunity to get to know you better and to listen to your ideas on what we need to do.
—Martha Zavala

A League Member Speaks Up
Speaking back to power—about looting vs. lost lives. A meditation on REAL priorities. 
What Can We Do?

You ask what, specifically, YOU can do? Here’s a list, for starters—with plenty of links to actions you can take, from self-discovery to self-education to ways to approach local government and educational institutions. Oh—and vote, vote, VOTE! 
A Black Woman’s Perspective

As Michelle White can testify, racism and police brutality are hardly new. Will we be successful in pushing forward the League’s agenda to eliminate institutional racism and classism, or will we get the same old short-term “fixes”? In our call to secure meaningful long-term solutions, we should take advantage of the current heightened recognition of injustice and start real dialogues on the dozens of issues that shape the everyday lives of persons of color and our children.
A White Woman Should Lead DEI

This is a seminal moment in our history when those who benefit the most from inequity and injustice must take responsibility for that imbalance. This is a call to someone within the LWV-PA who, as a member of the dominant group that codifies organizational norms, can propel DEI forward.
A Poem by Beverly Lafontaine  
“The Summers of My Youth Stolen from Me”—teardrops in the Tallahatchee. A poignant meditation on Emmett Till. 
A Tribute and Farewell 

George Floyd was killed on May 25, by officers charged with protecting us—and now charged with murder. A memorial tribute by Betty Ford.
White Fragility Redux
 Time for a second look at this provocative book, which calls all whites to abandon their complacency and step up to the issue of racism, both personal and institutional.
Bending Our Arc

The cataclysmic events of the past weeks are, for too many, a familiar repetition of history. To make real change, we must start with some soul searching and ask if we have been mistaking true democracy for freedom from responsibility. Where do we go from here? A reminder of where we’ve been and a cautionary tale for the future.
Directors, Officers, Staff

A welcome to the new Board of Directors and Officers, and thank you to all for the good work of 2019–20. See the list of changes here.
Conversations on Race

Prepare yourself—you will be invited (watch your email) to participate in some conversations—serious, challenging, and probably uncomfortable but rewarding. Here is your assignment—get ready to do the work of getting woke.
Take-Out Nights

A win-win-win: This League program will support local restaurants. We’ve signed up some of your favorites to benefit the League, the restaurants—and you!

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