Volume 82, No. 2, September 2020

September 2020
11—Natural Resources*
17—Thursday with the League
22—National Voter Registration Day
23—Board Meeting
25—October Voter articles due
30—Check/update your address for vote-by-mail ballot at https://lavote.net/vrstatus/

*Committee meetings. These and other meetings will be virtual via conferencing software during the COVID-19 outbreak. See “The Grapevine” in this issue for details, and check with your committee chairs on how meetings will be held during the COVID-19 outbreak.

October 2020
 5—Mailing of vote-by-mail ballots to voters begins. Watch your mailbox and vote early!
 8—Thursday with the League–October
14—Board Meeting
27—Deadline for updating your vote-by-mail address; see above and see "Plan Your Vote" in this issue
Thursday with the League

Kicking off the Election Season
Voting While Black
“Thursday with the League” now replaces “League Day” as the name of LWV-PA’s monthly meeting, which is taking place via Zoom. On September 17 we will hear three community leaders explore “Voting While Black: From Early Struggles for Voting Rights to Today’s Challenges”—Juanita West-Tillman, Juanita DeVaughn, and Lena L. Kennedy. They will discuss with each other, and us, the twin obstacles of voter disengagement and active voter suppression.

President’s Message
A call to fulfill our mission: educating the voting public and getting out the vote in the upcoming presidential election. Help us make sure that all 330,000 voters in our service area get our support to vote this November 3 or when early voting begins in October—many opportunities are available.

National Voter Registration Day

If it’s September, it’s time for National Voter Registration Day! Here is a list of ways LWV-PA members and partners can celebrate September 22 and encourage voting at the same time. Don’t be a spectator!
Plan Your Vote!

A shortlist of what to do, soup to nuts, complete with web addresses, to walk you through the process of ensuring your vote counts in the November election. 
Voter Hotline

LWV-PA is announcing a voter hotline to assist voters during the early voting period and on Election Day. It will be operational from October 24 to November 2 and staffed by volunteers from home, with phones provided by the League! Do you have internet connectivity and a passion for helping those trying to exercise their right to vote? Attend a training session—here’s how. 
Recruit a Poll Worker!

In these pandemic times, election workers are needed to make up for a shortage. Voting has never been more important—not everyone chooses to, or even can, vote by mail. Volunteer—or, if you are in a high-risk group, encourage others to apply in your place. Training will start soon!
Candidate Forums

Want to go beyond postcard-writing and voter hotline-ing? Take your place on the (virtual) stage of democracy and help facilitate candidate forums as a moderator, question sorter, or timekeeper. This is a unique, rewarding, and truly engaging League tradition. Engage! 

Postcard Writing

Here is another great way to contribute to the League’s GOTV initiatives: Join the LWV-PA postcard-writing campaign. This is another activity you can do safely and at the same time advance our GOTV activities. Get your Eventbrite tickets today!

The Candidate Wore Rollerblades

Getting involved in candidate forums is always interesting—and sometimes it’s even oddly entertaining. 

September–October 2020
Candidate Forums
(See details in this issue.)

October 8, 2020
Thursday with the League
Pros & Cons
Register at www.lwv-pa.org

October’s Thursday League Day will feature LWV-PA’s talented Pro & Con speakers, who will cover everything you need to know about the November 3 ballot measures. Come prepared to ask questions and mark your ballot!

November 3

November 5
Thursday with the League
Affordable Housing Basics
(See flyer in this issue.)

Voter Address Change

LWV-PA is all about offering solutions to voters’ problems, using our members’ insights into navigating the voting system. Here is one not-so-unusual example.
Spanish 411

Partnering with NALEO, LWVUS now offers Spanish-language voter information to help Latinx naturalized citizens navigate the voting process.
Committee Action Reports

What have our committees been up to during this election season? More than you might imagine—here are some summaries of what just a few of them are working on as we prepare to vote.
DEI Spotlight

This touching narrative about navigating feelings while expanding a friend’s perspective serves as an example of how important it is for whites to refuse to remain silent, even on a small scale.
September Units

Unit meetings take place in smaller virtual settings to empower, encourage, inform, and uplift. Come join the Units each month except for June, July, August, and December. Contact Unit Chairs for meeting details.

Board Meeting Summary
August 2020

The LWV-PA Board met virtually via video conference on August 12. Get an overview of this month’s key League business, activities, and decisions!

AB 2542 Passed!

The measure, co-sponsored by LWVC, has made it over the finish line! In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the California Racial Justice Act prohibits the state from seeking or upholding a conviction or sentence that is discriminatory based on race, ethnicity, or national origin.
Wonderful Wednesdays Fundraiser 

A win-win-win for the League, its members, and the contributing restaurants, Wonderful Weekly Wednesdays earned north of $1,200 for LWV-PA! A big thank-you to all who participated!
Thanks, Seidy!

Thanks to student Seidy Bucio for helping us launch our social media campaign during the month of August so we can appeal to the Gen Z and millennial populations in our service area.
School Observer Reports

The Education Committee continues its school board observations all over our area, from Monrovia to Alhambra. Learn about the latest developments. 
Caste and Stamped

Do you find yourself with a bit more time on your hands in these pandemic times? Heighten your awareness with two books that explore the origins of racial injustice—and what you can do about it.

News from your League committees. You are always welcome to join or just sit in. Many committees are now connecting via Zoom and other online video conferencing services; check with your committee chair for meeting status and to learn more about this easy way to join with others virtually. Committee membership is both rewarding and fun, and it does the good work for which the League is known.
November Thursday with the League: Housing

Save this date! Thursday with the League on November 5 will host a panel of experts on affordable housing, from the perspectives of government, developers, and nonprofits.

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