EUA Campaign Calls for Justice for the Excluded at our Next Event

EUA Campaign will be holding their third direct action lobbying event on 17th November in London where we will be joined by high profile business leaders and the CEO from Back British Business who will explain how people can legally challenge their Bounce Back Loans.
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EUA Campaign is continuing the fight for fair and equal support for everyone in the Excluded communities at our next lobbying event in London on 17th November. We have been denied access to any meaningful support for almost 19 months and are now facing an untenable financial situation and a deplorable mental health crisis.

As the economy opened up, it is easy to forget that 3.8 million taxpayers were left behind - a deliberate policy decision by the Government - but the team at EUA Campaign hear the harrowing stories of what this has done to people on a daily basis. The Excluded are real people who were living their best lives and running successful businesses pre-pandemic; now many have lost their livelihoods, savings, homes, families, futures and hope. We urge the press not to exclude us too, this is a heartfelt plea for you to tell our story to the public - we have many members who are happy to share their difficult Excluded journey with you so please contact us at euacampaign@gmail.com if you would like any case studies.

We have an all-star line up of business leaders speaking at our event who understand our plight and the consequences on the economy as too many small SME's have had to close their doors through no fault of their own. Our future will be defined by the correct responses of the Government and the Excluded deserve fairness and equality which we implore you to cover. Details of our speakers are below, we look forward to welcoming you next Wednesday. Please reply to this email if you have any questions and we will give you a call.


12.30 - 2.15
Please join us at Old Palace Yard, Abingdon Street, Westminster, SW1 3JY (opposite Parliament).

2.30 - 3.00
March to Treasury where we will deliver the EUA Campaign Report that demands parity for all those Forgotten, Denied and Excluded taxpayers.

Final details and speakers will be confirmed early next week.

Back British Business - Challenging Bounce Back Loans

The British Government's Bounce Back Loans to struggling businesses during the pandemic are unenforceable and invalid says Back British Business.

They are determined to bring justice to those who took out such loans, with top lawyers believing they have identified a new legal position in the Government’s legislation that can save those who are now crippled with debt.

Back British Business CEO Wasif Mahmood who will be speaking at our event says: “Normally, when you do take out a loan from a bank, it is protected under the Consumer Credit Act which allows you to effectively have a voice against any injustice from big lenders that sometimes can occur. The Government removed the protection and armour of the Consumer Credit Act from the BBL scheme. There was also an attempt to remove the protections that are also afforded under the Financial Services Markets Act 2000.

“But there is still a means of challenging these particular loans on the basis of what is called Common Law. The courts can look at whether or not it is right that these loans have to be repaid in whole or in part using equitable principles.”

Wasif will be available to answer any questions from the press and do interviews after his speech.

Vicky Pryce

Vicky Pryce is a leading economist and business consultant with recent posts at: Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting; Director General for Economics at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS); and Joint Head of the UK Government Economics Service where she was responsible for evidence based policy and for encouraging measures that promoted greater productivity in the UK economy.

Vicky will be discussing the importance of why the "Excluded" should be "Included" and the vital contribution they make towards the economy post-pandemic.

Marina Purkiss

Marina Purkiss is a political campaigner who is a committed supporter of Excluded cause. Disillusioned by the "carelessly negligent Government" that have allowed millions to be "Excluded, sacrificed and ignored", she is speaking at our event on behalf to those who have received nothing during the toughest time of their lives by a Government whose duty should be "to serve us, to protect us and our welfare".

Carl Reader

Carl Reader is a small business expert and celebrated author of BOSS IT - Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life. Carl is joint chairman of d&t Chartered Accountants, head of accounting at EMEA, an ambassador at IPSE and Chair of the Practitioner Panel at the ACCA and understands all the challenges faced by small businesses. He comments "If the Government really feel that getting small company directors to pay for the support that they didn't benefit from is the way forward, then I simply have no words." We look forward to welcoming Carl and hearing his expert view on the long-term affects of being Excluded on small businesses, freelancers, the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

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