November 17, 2020
Dear Families,

I’m sure all of us are watching with concern the health reports regarding COVID-19 illnesses in our local region and also around the world. While it is clear that the health trends have already impacted our school’s operations, I want to offer some further information about what we are looking at right now and how this may impact our near-term school operations.
Impact of COVID-19 Surge of Cases Locally on our School Operations
Three key areas inform our decision-making:

  • State guidance from Maryland provides key metrics for schools that include Testing Positivity Rate and New Case Rate. As illustrated by the chart, we look at these rates in combination. 

  • County Health Status: Today, November 17, Montgomery County reported the Testing Positivity Rate at 5% and the New Case Rate 14-day average at 25. When we began on-campus operations in October, the Positivity and New Case rates were below 3% and below 10, respectively.
Current data is consistently trending upwards and we recognize that we are approaching the levels that may necessitate modifications to our on-campus programs and plans. Therefore, we have called for an exceptional meeting of the Board of Trustees by this weekend

At their meeting, the Board will receive an updated report from our “COVID-19 Data Evaluation Working Group” of volunteer parent healthcare professionals. The Board will consider whether we can continue in our phased plan to welcome additional grades of students on campus later this month or whether we need to curtail on-campus classes.

Following the Board meeting, we will provide a prompt update on any decisions that impact immediate school operations. 

These are not decisions to be made lightly, though sometimes they must be made quickly. We can well understand that changes to school operations would have an impact on your professional obligations and your childcare plans at home. We are committed to keeping you informed. 


Hélène Fabre, Executive Director
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