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March 2017, issue # 53


It is the end of March and here in Adegem we all feel that spring is in the air. With brighter mornings, sunnier afternoons and longer evenings, spring marks a time of renewal. At E-Crane, this spring also brought new ideas, exiting projects and new growth. Let's take a deep breath and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year!

Lieven Bauwens
Chairman of the Board
E-Crane Group of Companies 
 Impressive E-Crane in ECI-USA's Backyard

Murray Energy,   the largest underground coal mining company in the United States, has recently installed a new E-Crane for handling fly ash at their facility near Moundsville, WV. Murray Energy produces about 65 million tons of coal annually, providing reliable electric power to many customers.

The new E-Crane is a 2000 Series which is barge mounted. It unloads 1600 ton barges of fly ash, a coal combustion byproduct. The fly ash is loaded into a specialized hopper which is also mounted on the barge. The material is then conveyed to a truck loading station.

Murray Energy chose the E-Crane solution for its versatility and ability to handle this difficult material. The material properties vary greatly, but the adjustable push down force of the E-Crane along with custom scrapers built into the grab handle the job no matter if the material is hard and crusty or wet and sticky.

 E-Crane Academy in Full Swing at the Start of 2017

It has been a busy week at the E-Crane Academy with two groups of new students! The first group of four were future operators who came from the company Herbosch-Kiere for their self-propelled barge, the E-Dredger ' Albatros'. The core activities for Herbosch-Kiere include maritime construction, demolition and heavy lifting.

The second group consisted of two service engineers from Port-Trade Denmark. Port-Trade is a Danish company that provides material and cargo handling solutions and service for ports in the entire North European region. As a recognized E-Crane dealer for Denmark and Sweden,  Port-Trade sells and services E-Cranes.

From left to right: Four Crane operators fromHerbosch-Kiere and  E-crane Service Engineer Peter De Smet.
Service engineers from Port-Trade and in the middle E-Crane Service engineer Peter De Smet.
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 A Warm Welcome to our New Colleagues

New colleagues who recently joined our team:
Service Manager
Service Engineer
Dieter De Cuyper
Assistant Purchase Manager

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