Losing an employee can impact many aspects of your business and in a negative way. Not only will your team be unsure what is happening, but replacing and training a replacement can be costly. However, by paying attention, you can see some of the signs that indicate an employee is thinking of moving on. Here are some signals to look for that may tip an employee's hand:
  • A noticeable change in attitude
  • Less communication with management
  • Longer lunch hours
  • Frequent absences
  • Increased personal phone calls
  • Better grooming
  • A different looking desk
  • A request to change vacation plans
  • Not taking work home
  • The office rumor mill

Be on the lookout for changes in employee behavior. If you think someone is thinking of leaving, talk to him or her and try to resolve the issue. On the other hand, you can always support their decision to move on and find a better fit with a new employee.