January Updates & News

Featured in this issue: Monthly Specials • NEW Exciting Workshops & NEW Trainings Including Yoga Therapy * Healthy Recipe • NEW 3-Day Silent Retreat

Get your New Year off to a healthy start with these great special offers! 

Purchase 20 Yoga/Pilates Mat Classes for only $190! (Saving $90)  

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10 class packages are good for 4 months from date of purchase. 

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Essence was voted into 7 categories for the top 5 bests in Toledo! The first business to ever have 7 nominations!

WOW! We are SO grateful! 🙏🏻

🎉🎊 Congrats! 🎊 🎉

Diana Spiess was Voted #1 Personal Trainer for the 5th year in a row and the studio was voted #1 Fitness Studio for Mature Living 2023!

Thank you for all of your votes!

Take a look at all of our nominations in 2022 and 2023:

Toledo City Paper 2022:

* Diana Spiess #1 Yoga Instructor

* Essence #1 Yoga Studio

* Top 5: Diana Spiess Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Studio Fitness Boutique and Holistic Health Center

The Toledo Blade 2023:

* #1 Best Yoga Studio

* Finalist Best Fitness Center

Mature Living Magazine 2023:

* Diana Spiess #1 Personla Trainer

* Studio: #1 Fitness Studio

New Beginnings

Hope, Aspire, Intentions, Creating, Joy

The frequencies that amplify life within us.  

Happy New Year! We had a powerful class on New Year's Eve to end 2023 with powerful releasing of what no longer serves us and intention setting for what does to achieve all of our deepest, heart-felt desires. But, with how powerful this all is, I still reminded all that we have work to do and we need to be very specific when asking to receive.

When we have the sensation that we need nourishment, we would not pick up the phone and call a delivery service to just say, "Send me food, please." and hang up and just wait for it to come exactly how we want/need it for our own, personal body and what it needs. When sending out a frequency to attract what we desire, we have to be specific...just as specific as we would be for foods that we are ordering to eat. Then, once the food is ordered, we have to prepare the table, answer the door, give (money) to receive (the food), and then eat and process the food for nourishment to happen. And, before this even, we have to have done work to earn the money (energy that we exchange for the energy or the food, work, and delivery) to "give to receive". Some of us may still be in the working phase for what we see as our bigger desires without, yet, them being in our field of attention in a way they we can use words to describe them. The phase that is, for an example, the day before we order this food without any awareness, yet, that we will order food tomorrow.

We have work to do. Each day, though, if we take time to pause and center into our deepest desires and breathe into them, we can stay in the state of mindfulness as we do our work and continue to remind ourselves that we are always in the process of manifestation and that there are phases that are different and will feel different for powerful reasons. Making the phone call, prepping for the food to come, the work before to earn the money...all are equally important to the process of manifesting the desire fore nutrition.

Stay the course.

Do the things.

Set and speak and think the intentions as if already here (versus saying "I want...").

Remember that we get to choose how to be in nay situation and that, alone, drives our state of health so so much.

I am so very grateful for you all and for the wonderful family that essence is.  Wishing all a new year full of hope, high aspirations, high-frequency intensions, and all that you need to create the journey that brings you much joy.

I believe in you.

In love and light,

Namaste, 🙏🏻


Upcoming Workshops • Learning • Experiences

NEW Times and Dates in 2024!

Chakras and Taoism Course w/Diana Spiess On Zoom

Cost: $175 per person (includes supplies and course) 

Times: Thursdays 7-8:30pm 

Dates: 1/11. 1/18, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8

See her background here at: www.Dianaspiess.com.

Email her with any questions here: diana@essencembs.com 

* Must register by January 2nd for supplies to be arranged.

Diana has offered this course for several years and many have done it more than once. Each year she adds in much more information; this year she will add in much about her newest healing method that includes chakras beyond those typically discussed and addressed. What will be covered: 

  • The 7 main chakras and our health and well-being 
  • Multiple chakras beyond the 7 main ones 
  • The main concepts of Taoism and how they can be used in daily life 
  • Ways to balance these areas of our being using yoga, crystals, essential oils, sound/frequency, chromotherapy, and more. 

Her work and credentials span decades and multiple modalities that she teaches from in all that she does. This sessions will be on Zoom for folks to enjoy from anywhere and she can mail supplies to those that need this. 


Real Nutrition and Metabolism

with Diana Spiess, M.S., NBC-HWC, FDN-P, AADP

Date: February 18th 

Time: 1-3:30pm 

Place: essence mind*body studio (live or on Zoom) 

Cost: $30 per person 

Diana has over 30 years of experience in health, wellness, nutrition, and so many more modalities. She has helped client of all ages and with all backgrounds lose weight and keep it off for good, reverse medical conditions, get off hormone support medications, attain and sustain strong immune systems, correct gut imbalances, explain about hormones and metabolism, and so much more. Her approach is holistic and integrative and looks at the whole person well beyond the traditional scope of care and education. In this workshop, she will cover a wide-array of topics and, for each person that join this workshop, she will offer a discounted rate for three 1-hour sessions to go over his/her information and give insight for recommended work going forward, and to begin that work. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn and get your health on track and moving into a direction that allows you to thrive! 

Silent Retreats

*Now Offering a 3-Day Retreat in Spring 2024 at NO Extra Cost!

Spring 2024: May 9-12 *3 Days!

Fall 2024: Sept 27-29

Check in 4-5pm Thursday

Check out 3:30pm Sunday

Lial Renewal Center in Whitehouse, Ohio

Book time for yourself to renew, restore, relax, and energetically cleanse in so many ways!

Silent retreats provide space for participants to experience the powerful impact of having an extended time and space to restore. Past participants are so amazed at the power of this retreat and many have attended more than one! The foods are wholesome and delicious (vegan/gluten-free), the grounds are stunning and so calming, and the guided meditations and practices will restore and relax you. Diana shares many techniques for finding balance, and her private energy sessions are powerful for those that choose to add them on.

Private Room with own private bathroom:

$650 (includes both nights, all 6 meals, and all that the retreat has to offer)

* Yoga classes for all levels including beginners

* Guided meditations

* Multiple Sound Therapy Sessions

* Reiki

* Gluten Free & Vegan Meals Made Fresh

* Crystal Biomats

* NIR Red Light Therapy

* Sound Bed Sessions (NEW for 2024!)

* Decompressions Sessions (NEW for 2024!)

* Hypnosis Sessions (NEW for 2024!)

...and MUCH More!

Call the studio to sign up!


Email Diana with more questions:


Definition of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals or small groups.

Only 1 spot remaining! Contact Diana asap if interested diana@essencembs.com.This program has an application process. To apply for this program and to receive more details, please submit your interest to Diana Spiess at diana@essencembs.com

Yoga Therapy Hours 1st Half 2024 

  •  January 27th 1-3:30 (studio) 
  •  February 15th 5:30-8:30 (Zoom)
  •  March 2nd 10am-3pm (studio)
  • March 28th 5:30-8:30pm (Zoom) 
  •  April 13th 11-3pm (studio) 
  •  April 25th 5:30-8:30pm (Zoom) 
  •  May 9th-12th (Silent Retreat Weekend Hours to be assigned) 
  •  May 30th 5:30-8:30pm (Zoom) 
  •  June 15th 10am-2pm (studio) 
  •  June 25th 5:30-8pm (Zoom)

Course layout includes:

  • Live training hours both in-studio and online
  • Self-paced course work on Teachable
  • Books to be read and reported on
  • I-AYT requires a minimum of 2 years of study

NEW for 2024!

'Essence of Yoga'

Yoga Therapist Training School

Diana has been working toward this for over 8 years! and here it is!

This course is for those who have completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Program and aspire to become a Certified Yoga Therapist. Diana has been a certified yoga therapist for almost a decade and the school is now an I-AYT member school. This course will begin in January 2024 and is a 2-year program minimum. The course is open to 8 students and 4 spots are filled already.

Some Topics Covered Include:

  • Yoga for Autoimmune Diseases
  • Yoga for Children of All Ages
  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga
  • Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
  • Yoga for Orthopedic Needs
  • Detailed Use of Yoga Props
  • Yoga for the Aging Population
  • Yoga to Resolve Trauma Effects
  • Yoga for Neurological Conditions (Parkinson's, M.S., Lupus, Schizophrenia) etc)
  • Yoga for Mental Health Conditions
  • Detailed Training in Pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle
  • Detailed Anatomy and Postural Assessments
  • Detailed Breakdown on Nutrition and Functional Medicine
  • Detailed Study and Practice on Communication Techniques
  • Observation and Clinical Hours with Diana
  • ...much more!

Upon completing this course, each student will have, along with their Yoga Therapist Certification, also acquired a certification in:

  • Children's Yoga (Yoga Alliance)
  • Prenatal Yoga (Yoga Alliance)
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Level 1 & 2 ('essence of yoga' and can be petitioned for CEC's in numerous organizations


Motivational Moments: Tournament Time

Join Diana Spiess for this powerful podcast about how we are way too often living in what she calls "tournament time" and trying to learn new skills during this time for self-care...this does not work. She gives wonderful analogies and helps the listeners gather very useful information to help pave the way for more balanced health and more ease in managing the "tournament times" in our lives.  

Listen to episodes at:

Catch up on previous episodes!

Motivational Moments: Understanding our Subtle Anatomy" (air date 12.05)

Motivational Moments: Instead of saying "I want to lose weight..." (air date 10.27)

Motivational Moments (LIVE) with Diana Spiess: The Stress, Itself, is Not the Issue (air date 10.01)

Yoga and Pilates Trainings


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Review by Lori Smith on May 12, 2023

300hr YTT Training Program held Dec. 1, 2020– Dec. 31, 2022

"Diana Spiess leads an in-depth teacher training program, which challenges students to learn and put into practice those lessons. The flexibility regarding timing to complete the program is helpful, and Diana will work with students as needed. The weekend classes, anatomy intensives, Yoga Enthusiast Practice classes, and other specialty classes are fabulous options, allowing students to explore a variety of areas that can be developed further, if interested. I was challenged personally and professionally, which ultimately helped me become a better teacher. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to meet other teachers and develop friendships that will last well beyond the teacher training program! Diana models healthy living, and I respect that she lives her yoga on and off the mat. In my humble opinion, the depth and breadth of Diana’s overall knowledge is second to none and I am fortunate to consider her a mentor as I continue additional trainings at Essence."

The Pilates Essential/Beginner Reformer and Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels Courses are also available with the Matwork!

The "essence of Pilates" Teacher Training is now fully accredited with the ITTAP!

See details below!

Sign up here and see details!

NEW Live Essential and Intermediate Matwork Dates:

2024 dates coming soon!

Many folks do these trainings to go on to teach others and many do them to enhance their knowledge and practice.

These trainings can be used for CEC's for ACE, Yoga Alliance, C-IAYT, and petitioned for many others

Contact Diana for details and questions or to get registered: diana@essencembs.com

Trauma-Sensitive Teacher Training Level 1

2024 dates coming soon!

Trauma-Sensitive Teacher Training Level 2

2024 dates coming soon!

Cost: $650 (pricing plans available)

Contact Diana for details, to sign up and for questions: diana@essencembs.com 

These trainings can be used for CEC's for ACE, Yoga Alliance, C-IAYT, and petitioned for many others

Learn more on the 'essence of yoga' classroom site!

Congratulations to the newest graduates of the 200hr YTT program!

YTT 200 Starts this January!

YTT 200 hour begins this month and just a few spots remain! Contact Diana with any questions and details to get started! email Diana

2024 200HR YTT Dates

  • Jan. 19-21st
  • Feb. 16-18th
  • March 22-24th
  • April 19-21st
  • May 24-26th
  • June Sunday 23rd
  • (independent work to be done) 
  • July Sunday 21st
  • (independent work to be done) 
  • August 23-25th
  • Sept. 14th-17th (Graduation Weekend)

Thursdays 5:30-9

 * (Graduation weekend only)

Fridays 5:30-9

Saturdays 11am-6:30pm

Sundays 10am-5pm 

See more of the Lead Instructor's background here: www.dianaspiess.com

'essence of healing'

Folks have been waiting for Diana to offer this course for some time! She has launched the first class and is taking sign-ups nor for the 2nd class to begin fall 2023!

  • the history and science behind sound and vibration on our health, meditation, the brain waves
  • sound therapy with numerous instruments for private sessions and groups
  • crystals and how their vibration effects us with crystal layouts for healing and balancing energy
  • aromatherapy and its effects on the body for healing
  • How to include all of these modalities for healing in private and group sessions
  • ...much more!

***Important to note: If you would like to do this course and certify with Diana, you will need to complete the Trauma Sensitive Course Level 1 with Diana. It is running now (dates are in this email) and you could sign up until December 5th and get caught up. She will do another one in the future but those dates are unknown at this time.***

email Diana to sign up diana@essencembs.com

Essence of Wellness Health Coaching

Diana has changed her long-running program to make it more affordable and flexible to help anyone working on their well-being!

The program is flexible so that you can start at the beginning of any month. Start now— what are you waiting for?

  • Cost for 2 months (2 live-calls per month and many recipes, motivations, education, and much MORE!) $120
  • Cost for 1 hour health coaching session for those in this group is $110 (savings of $25)
  • Cost for 5 private sessions with Diana for those in this group is $550 (Savings of over $100!)

Join a community specifically focused on improving health and well-being! Begin to feel empowered to make lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and many more life adjustments that you find might help you live a healthier, happier journey.

Sign up by calling the studio 419-873-6463

See all of Diana's credentials and experience here: Diana's Web Site

Recipes to Warm You Up

Budget-Friendly Shepherd's Pie

(Vegan + GF)

Chock full of veggies, this meal is family-friendly, and easy on the wallet.

Click to get the recipe.

Easy Vegan Corn Chowder

(Vegan + GF)

Make this a day ahead to allow the flavors to really develop and blend. Creamy but not heavy.

Click to get the recipe.

Join Us Online for Great Classes on Zoom!
Important Zoom Class Reminders: 

  • For those participating via zoom, you must be visible on camera. We can not allow participants coming on with us without a camera option going forward for safety reasons.
  • Be signed up at least 2 hours before the class begins
  • Zoom link will be sent about 1 hour before class begins to your email 
  • Be signed in 15 minutes before class 
  • Ask all in your home to be off the internet for best reception for Zoom classes 
  • You will be on mute during Zoom classes and can send a chat message to the instructor if needed. 
  • For yoga classes, please leave savasana at the beginning or stay on the entire time to avoid being disruptive to the class. 
Here are links to products that Diana uses daily!

Reminder! Keep your Valuables Safe.

Please consider keeping valuables and things you do not need in your trunk or at home when coming to the studio. Due to space and safety concerns, we cannot have extra belongings in the rooms while classes are going on. Although we take pride in our amazing community and studio, Essence is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and we are hoping to help you prevent any issues while also keeping the studio safe and spacious for everyone.
Studio Policies

No recordings, photos, or copying of classes, workshops, or private sessions without written permission from the owner. Please leave all cellular devices on silent/off and in your bag during sessions/classes.

In order to make the space comfortable for everyone, please refrain from wearing colognes or perfumes to class.

Thank you! Namaste!

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