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June 2022
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SAFE Dinner At OSH
Thursday, July 28th 6PM
In EAA "Partner Resource Center"
Please join us Thursday July 28 for an *elegant* SAFE dinner at the Partner Resource Center right on OSH main boulevard, Gather and socialize at 6, dinner at 6:30 PM. Standby for details on menu and pricing, more information coming soon!

The EASA-certified Pipistrel Velis "will be onsite to view and other attractions from the show. (This more-convenient location allows more sharing of local resources)
SAFE Supports 'Sensible'
Conversion To Unleaded Fuel
The conversion of ubiquitous 100LL aviation gasoline to an unleaded fuel must be done soon, but not at the expense of pilots already skewered by exploding gas prices, SAFE said today. 100LL sales have already been halted at two California airports.

It's not as easy an issue as some would like to think, SAFE Executive Director David St George reported. Although the small General Aviation Modifications Inc (GAMI) group has developed an unleaded avgas that has been successfully tested in many GA engines, the FAA recently launched a separate effort called EAGLE to remove lead from aviation fuel by 2030. Why? A commentary in GA News explains this puzzling situation.
Is The Training Boom Fading?
Research by CFI and DPE Jason Blair indicates that new pilot certificates and ratings peaked in 2020 and showed a significant slip in 2021, believed to be mostly Covid-related.

"The pilot shortage remains critical," said SAFE executive director David St George. "The market has been growing since 2010 and we think there's still a lot of life in the flight training boom."
ATC CFI Saves Non-Pilot
CFI Robert Morgan (left) last month talked non-pilot Darren Harrison to a near-perfect landing in a Cessna 208 at KPBI.

There are important lessons for CFIs in this save. Here is the Harrison interview with NBC Today and here is the NBC Today Show segment. The inspiring non-accident has some flight schools looking into offering Pinch Hitter courses for non-pilot companions.
Pipistrel's Velis Electro:
Savings for Flight Schools!
The two-place Velis Electro all-electric training airplane is made in Slovenia and is the first electric training aircraft certified by EASA. Full certification by the FAA is expected soon, but the Velis Electro is currently approved for pilot training in day VFR conditions.

The US distributor of the Pipistrel Velis Electro airplane is Right Rudder Aviation of Inverness FL. Full disclosure: owner Andrew Chan also serves as a SAFE Board member.
Former SAFE Board member Cres WIse shared his impressions of the Velis in this SAFEblog. Julie Boatman reviewed the plane for Flying Magazine HERE
Electric power is handled by a 345 VDC electric system with liquid-cooled high performance batteries in a redundant 2-unit arrangement with a total nominal capacity 24.8 kWh. The batteries are crashworthy, thermal runaway inhibiting and HIRF/EMI tolerant. One battery pack is located in the nose of the airplane and the second behind the cabin. This ensures redundancy of the power source: in case of battery failure, the malfunctioning battery would get automatically disconnected from the system. A single battery is capable of standalone operation and has enough power capability to support climbing and continuation of flight.
The aircraft has an empty weight of 944 pounds and a gross weight of 1,300 pounds for a useful load of 379 pounds. According to an AOPA review of the airplane, the battery allows one hour of flying plus a 30-minute reserve. Then the batteries must be charged for at least 50 minutes.
SAFE Quick Takes
For Professional CFIs
Career Pilot News

  • Worried about washing out of airline flight training, especially at one of the large ab initio classes? Major airline captain and long-time CFI Jenny Beatty explains how to survive.

  • DOT proposes adding saliva as an alternative to urine for drug tests; would affect schools and CFIs with approved drug testing programs

New CFI Tools, Apps
  • Giving PIREPs is easy with Virga, the free App Store offering to increase the number of PIREPs. Originally iOS only, the app is now in the Google Play Store for Androids.

  • Sporty's has an updated Light Sport training module; includes new videos on the use of ADS-B transponders and datalink weather. Video preview of module.

  • Students keep asking for a 'cheat sheet' for decoding SAs and FTs. It's here. It includes characteristics of barometer tendencies in higher or lower pressure.

  • ASI releases video on the May 20 MayDay STOL accident in Wayne NE; includes suggestions to avoid such accidents.
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Electric Aircraft Training

  • Diamond eDA-40 will be the first certificated electric trainer airplane rechargeable in under 20 minutes, company says. Full charge endurance promised 90 minutes; certification expected next year.

  • Joby Aviation says its acquisition of Avionyx will support Joby's effort to achieve Federal Aviation Administration type certification for its electric-powered air taxi. 
Drones And
Urban Mobility Flying

SAFE CFI Continuing
Education, Resources

  • YouTube and other social media sources of aviation training information are not always reliable. Here is how to avoid YouTube roulette, a SAFE blog by executive director David St George.

  • Have a learner who wants to fly the New York skyline, following the Hudson River corridor? A podcast from Stuck Mic AvCast tells how to do it safely.

  • Sleep apnea is a medical condition affecting pilot medical certification. The FAA may ask for one of two studies, detailed here.

SAFE CFI Marketing
  • Today (June 1) at noon eastern, AOPA's You Can Fly team will present an HR expert on creating a strong team-building and staff culture at your flight school. Register here.

  • A new blog by AOPA's Jill Tallman suggests inviting potential new students to local aviation gatherings. Who will get Carl's money?" she asks.

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"The Master Instructor accreditation singles out the best the right seat has to offer."
FAA Administrator Jane Garvey

Master Instructor Achievements
The Master Instructor designation is a national FAA-recognized professional accreditation and parallels other professionals' continuing education regimens to increase their professionalism. The Master's designation must be renewed biennially and significantly surpasses FAA requirements for renewing the candidate's flight instructor certificate. Of the 122,000 flight instructors in the US, fewer than 800 have earned the Master Instructor designation, Most are SAFE members.
Michael Traud, MCFI
Michael Traud, based in Sacramento California, has earned his Ninth Master CFI designation.

SAFE Member Mike provides initial and recurrent training to owners/operators of TAA and turbine aircraft. He also mentors newly certificated CFIs and is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner who serves on the Master Instructor Board of Review. He has participated in the Reno National Championship Air Races the past 13 years as a Pylon Judge and has attended the event the past 42 years. Mike is a member of Sacramento County Sheriff's Air Squadron and owns a 1971 Cessna 150 which he flies for both work and pleasure. Mike's home base of operations is the Sacramento Mather Airport (KMHR) in addition to conducting work at several Northern California airports.
SAFE is a 501(c)(3) educational, not-for-profit professional organization building aviation educator excellence and aviation safety. Our more than 4,100 members include many of the best-known, best-credentialed and most experienced CFIs as well as many FAA Designated Pilot Examiners.