It's a new year - consider joining a Trusted Peer Group to build your network, brainstorm solutions to challenges with your peers and advance your career!
Advance Your Leadership Skills in 2021 with our
Trusted Peer Group!

This is an opportunity for FEI members to meet in small groups for a facilitated discussion with finance professionals in similar roles. 

Topics include challenges, successes, shared interest, career paths, benchmarking, insights for the group and more!

Here is what current participants have to say about the program:

"The networking and info sharing has saved countless hours and
real dollars for my firm by sharing reliable contacts in audit firms."

"I feel having a "safe" place to talk about our work challenges away
from work and the owners of our companies is important. It is a great
place to talk with like-minded finance professionals about issues, both
personal and professional, in a supportive environment.
I love our camaraderie part of the meetings." 

"I really appreciate our group. I feel there is huge value in unplugging once
a month to meet with fellow CFO's and talk business, personal, problems, issues, celebrations, new thoughts and techniques. I like having Prouty facilitate. I
feel they are on the cutting edge of business trends, planning and strategy."

"Love the program and my peers, really appreciate having this group. 
They've helped me a ton with questions and ideas in my role and
I have built a much stronger network of CFO's as a result."


12 monthly meetings, lasting 3-4 hours, facilitated discussion between all members with opportunities for presentations, Maximum 12 members per group to keep it conversational.

Diverse perspectives create value. Each peer group will consist of professionals from various industries grouped together by role – such as CFOs, controllers or other finance leaders – and further by private and public ownership or company size.

Professional Facilitation:

To provide maximum value, facilitation is provided by the Prouty Project, a boutique management firm that specializes in strategic planning and leadership development. Sam Smith is a senior consultant who has worked with executives around the country to shift organizational mindsets that drive effective change, create adaptive advantage and accelerate meaningful innovation.

Trusted Peer Groups Available:

We currently have two Trusted Peer Groups available. They meet on the third Wednesday of each month, one in the morning and one in the afternoon at Prouty Group in Eden Prairie. Meeting are virtual for now and will resume in-person when safe to do so.


FEI is focused on delivering value to participants at an affordable cost. An annual fee of $1,800 includes 48+ hours of peer group learning and development, working with an independent facilitator, social events, meeting space and food. Must be a member of FEI to participate.

Recent Peer Group Member Survey Results: 100% of peer group members...

  • Developed valuable new relationships
  • Say they better perform their professional work
  • Have increased their satisfaction with FEI
  • Rated the independent facilitator at Very Satisfied or above
  • Enjoy participating in their FEI Trusted Peer Group
  • Recommend the FEI Trusted Peer Group program to their peers

For more information view our printable flyer or contact Rosanne Bump at [email protected] or 612-512-1680.

Expand your network and work smarter, not harder, in 2021! 
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